Puppy News

Here are some of the puppies born recently. Any breeder who would like to add to this list, please email me details and pictures. For information on puppy availability, please contact our Puppy Coordinators, Lynda Bromley on 01981 540512 or Pat Bannister on 0161 291 9803.


Please note that these puppies are bred by dedicated and very caring enthusiasts in their own homes. They are not bred commercially, and very definitely not from puppy farms. Prospective owners are carefully checked for suitability. Dandie Dinmonts are notoriously difficult to breed, and this tends to reflect in the asking price - of course the cost of buying a puppy is very small compared to the upkeep of any dog over its lifetime.


From time to time Dandies come into rescue shelters and are available to suitable homes. This can be a very rewarding opportunity which I can wholeheartedly recommend from personal experience.



On 3rd November 2011, Linda in Orkney welcomed this beautiful litter of six.  There are four pepper girls and two mustard boys. The Sire is Dunskey Archibald, Dam is Mishahda Primrose Petals. Both parents are eye tested, and Linda is a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder.


This beatiful litter of five pepper girls and one pepper boy was born to Alison in Aberdeenshire on 14th October 2011.  The father is Hendell Crofter for Pifirrane and the mother Pitfirrane Lady Penelope.  Both parents are eye tested.


On 5th May 2010, Bracken (Pitfirrane Gowden Anna), belonging to Anjela in Tyne and Wear, had a litter of four boys (two pepper, two mustard) and two girls (one pepper, one mustard).  They were sired by Ibolya-Kozi Popey at Deegandan. 


On 2nd May 2010 Christina in South Yorkshire welcomed a litter of seven gorgeous puppies - four pepper girls, a mustard girl, and two mustard boys.  Their mum is Puddockswell Sweet Phoebe, and the proud dad Dentgate Celebration.


On 16th January, Karen and Ruth welcomed a litter of two mustard bitches, a pepper bitch and a pepper dog.  Sire - Norfolkhaven Mr Hubbles, Dam - Penactiv Material Girl.  Mum and pups are all doing well.


On 19th December, Beverly in Devon had a litter of two dogs and a bitch, all mustard.
Sire: Am Ch. Burning Ambition for Cassencarrie, dam: Cassencarrie Cut Above.
One mustard dog is currently available for sale.

How many puppies...?!

In Finland, Minna's Dandie bitch, Mira, had a litter of five (1 mustard bitch, 2 mustard dogs and 2 pepper dogs). But she also adopted 7 dachshund puppies who's mother died when they were two weeks old.

Minna writes... "Mira adopted those little ones immediately and literally saved their lives. ?Situation was quite desperate but we were lucky. Mira herself is doing great?and didn't lose any weight during this massive job but gathered some! She has been calm mother who has kept all her puppies (both own and adopted) happy and satisfied all the time. And I have spoiled her rotten during ?these weeks and will continue doing so for the next few weeks :-) Now?she has also started to want some "quality time" of her own and she loves to join us for long walks. The longer the better actually. :-) She also nowadays?prefers a sofa or a bed instead of puppy pool."

Click here to read the full story.


1st September, Janne in Denmark had this litter. She writes...

"Here they are our little miracles 1 week old and all have doubled their weight now. Viola (Frances Full of Joy of Hershey`s Crown) and Jönssons (Boromir) puppies - 2 boys and 2 girls and all mustard as you can see.We are very happy and Viola is such a great mother with lots of milk in the bar :-))"

Janne's Puppies

7th July, Lynda in Herefordshire welcomed three dogs (2 pepper, 1 mustard) and a pepper bitch.

Sire: Spencer - Banburg Hoe Down at Swanwillow

Dam: Bryony - Ch. Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble


Congratulations to Linda in Tennessee, who had a litter of five on June 17th.

Sire: Ch Clossongrey Gotta Dance
Dam: Ch Lonsdale Texas Lone Star

chaos in puppy pen-1.jpg


12th June, Bob and Alan in North Yorkshire had a litter of four bitches. Three pepper and one mustard.

 Dam - Gertie = Mishahda Golden Rhapsody

 Sire - Spencer = Banburg Hoedown At Swanwillow

gerties puppies 008.jpg

gerties puppies 010.jpg

Hello all,
in the kennel "z Kocinky" are 3 weeks old puppies. Amazonka, Amstrong, Annalle and Anthony. 2 girls-mustard and pepper and 2 boys - pepper. Mather Caballe Cernooky princ (Kawi), father Baccarat Bolero ze Zihelske zahrady
Breeder Eva - Praque



20th April, Paul and Sheila in Surrey had a litter of six boys, five surviving. Four mustard and one pepper. They still have one very nice mustard boy available.



pauls puppy.jpg

I have two litters of puppies and was lucky enough to have 1 boy and 5 girls and 2 boys and 3 girls so a total of 11 - 3 boys and 8 girls!
The first litter were born on the 17th April and are out of Pitfirrane Mistress Eppie x Cloverwood Storm Brewing.
2nd litter were born on the 22nd April and are out of Hendell Peppermint x Cloverwood Red Alert at Puddockswell.
One mustard bitch is still available - registered, fully vaccinated (including kennel cough) wormed and microchipped.
Ali, Co. Meath, Republic of Ireland.