National Terrier

Staffordshire County Showground, 5th April 2015. Judge: Mrs Glen Tinsley (Cloverwood).

"Thank you to the National Terrier Team for the chance to judge at this prestigious show, and for their wonderful hospitality. I was delighted with my entry and the quality of the dogs entered. Also must thank my very efficient stewards who were amazing."


Dog CC & BOB

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Kerrush's Inzievar Silver And Gold

Gregg's Ire Ch. Dariant Lui Vencedor De Mi Soul at Bambusa

Denham's Dentgate Hollyberries

Milton's Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit

Henry's Kassandra Grace di Luna Caprese at Tymeirz

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: Booth's Borderstone Kingman
Beautiful puppy, liked him a lot. Lovely head and eye, he’s long and low with good ribbing, good coat, movement a little unsettled on the day, but a very promising youngster who I am sure will do well.
2nd: Lowndes's Hjarta Golden Savanna Lord
A bigger mustard dog with plenty of bone and substance. Good head with big teeth. Nice coat coming through.

Junior Dog 1st: Kurg's Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill
Beautifully presented quality pepper dog. Good coat beautiful head and eye with typical melting expression. Loved his topline and tailset. Really strode out well.
2nd: Johnson's Puddockswell My Dear Watson for Incantocani
Another lovely young male, less mature and finished than 1, but with so much to like about him. Good head and expression with beautiful dark eye, good length of body with good ribbing and tailset. Moved well.
3rd: Eves's German Dandies' Tom Jones of Sylvanken
Res: Drake & Skitt's Deegandan Reiver to Tollcross

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Noble's Hawkesmill Indiana
Lovely pepper boy with a good head, dark eye, long weasely body with good ribbing and tailset. Good angulation. Has good coat coming through. Liked him very much.
2nd: Sleight's Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay
Handsome mustard in very good coat and condition. Scores on head and expression, moved confidently and well, very well handled.
3rd: Buckley's Dentgate Celebration
Res: Doyle's Dentgate Jackfrost at Ilexquercus
VHC: Lowndes's Glendandy Star Catcher

Limit Dog 1st: Bell's Hawkesmill Indigo from Reidswire
This youngster has improved so much since I last saw him, he is just coming into his own and should do very well. Lovely head and eye, good front and rear, good body, well ribbed, good topline and tailset. Full of life and character, loved him.

Open Dog 1st: Kerrush's Inzievar Silver And Gold
A dog I have seen and admired before and wasn’t disappointed when I went over him. He is a larger dog and very masculine which was lacking in some of the younger dogs present today. He has a big head, good skull and beautiful mouth with punishing teeth. Strong body, good bone, strong quarters and moved around the ring like he owned it! CC & BOB.
2nd: Gregg's Ire Ch. Dariant Lui Vencedor De Mi Soul at Bambusa
Handsome boy of good type. Loved his head, held on a really good neck, and shoulder, good length of body and moved out soundly and confidently. Beautifully presented.
3rd: Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st: Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma
Stood alone and a real baby, but what a confident young lady who wasn’t at all fazed by the occasion. Such a pretty head with melting expression, good coat, good mouth and lovely coat coming through. Moved well, albeit not very smoothly on the day. Will watch her career with interest. I liked her very much.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Henry's Kassandra Grace di Luna Caprese at Tymeirz
Small mustard with very pretty head and expression, dark eye, strong little body with very good furnishings for such a youngster. Strode out well with confidence. Well groomed and very well handled. Was pleased to award her BP.
2nd: Brookes's Berdinbrook Pickle
Love her name! Pretty mustard, nice type, good head and eye. Lovely mustard jacket. Didn’t move as well as 1 and had was wider in front.
3rd: Brookes's Berdinbrook Ferreira
Res: Atkinson's Kingcottage Abilene West
VHC: Garratt's Pitfirrane Islay Mist

Junior Bitch 1st: Milton's Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
A beautiful pepper bitch with sparkling dark eyes and a head to die for. Good body with good length and topline, good ribbing. Moved well front and rear. Good coat and furnishings for age, very well presented. RCC.
2nd: Gregg's Ellabeth Amabilisdandie at Bambusa
Another very pretty young lady, these two could change places many times in their show careers. Lovely head held on strong neck, not the length of 1 but moved so well and had a wealth of furnishings, beautifully presented.
3rd: Atkinson's Kingcottage Abilene West

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Johnson's Birbrinda Florentine in Incantocani
Smaller mustard bitch, good front, and pretty feminine head with dark eye, not in very good coat today but won her place on movement.
2nd: Smith's Glendandy Twinkle Star
Medium sized mustard, balanced head, dark eye. Very good coat, didn’t move as well as 1.
3rd: Buckley's Puddockswell Sweet Phoebe

Open Bitch 1st: Denham's Dentgate Hollyberries
I first saw this young bitch as a puppy and was delighted to go over the grown up version! Ultra pretty head, big dark eyes, good mouth, lovely gentle topline, nothing exaggerated in any way, all in the most crisp pepper jacket and big white topknot. Moved and showed very well, she deserved her ticket today. CC.
2nd: Henry's Dariant Grace Mi Solar at Trinzy
Another beautiful bitch, good head with a good reach of neck, good shoulders, topline and tailset, well-muscled with good angulation, moved out well.
3rd: Russell's Hawkesmill Ishbelle