SDDTC Open Show

Cricklade Village Hall, 12th April 2015. Judge: Mr Peter Bakewell.


Best Dog

Reserve Best Dog

Best Bitch & BIS

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Puppy

Deacon's Cassencarrie Top Marks

Kurg's Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill

Tinsley's Cloverwood Drama Queen

Milton's Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit

Tinsley's Cloverwood Duchess May

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: Booth's Borderstone Kingman
2nd: Stuart's Mishahda Bountiful Harvest

Junior Dog 1st: Kurg's Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Hayes & Harrod's Etsill Rognvald

Limit Dog 1st: Rolland's Dandiroyal Diggory Delvet
2nd: Keevil & Bullock's Yazga Love The One You're With
3rd: Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger
Res: Bell's Hawkesmill Indigo from Reidswire

Open Dog 1st: Deacon's Cassencarrie Top Marks
2nd: Edwards's Cloverwood Midnight Blue

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st: Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma
2nd: Bromley's Mishahda Vibrant Amber
3rd: Wheeler's Courtmoat Heilan Lass
Res: Bell's Dandiroyal Rita Skeeter
VHC: Jenkins's Siwop Lady Scarlett Rose

Puppy Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Duchess May
2nd: Powis & Wallen's Siwop Black Baccara Rose
3rd: Bullock & Keevil's Yazga Lady Of The Island
Res: Carter's Waitensee Smarty

Junior Bitch 1st: Milton's Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
2nd: Tinsley's Cloverwood Duchess May

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Fry's Inzievar Gold Thread
2nd: Nice's Cassencarrie Cleo Rose
3rd: Keevil & Bullock's Yazga Turbulent Indigo
Res: Bird's Birbrinda Fantastique

Limit Bitch 1st: Rolland's Dandiroyal Puddleglum
2nd: Fry's Dentgate Confetti
3rd: Fry's Ludlay Bride Of Lammermoor
Res: Russell's Hawkesmill Ishbelle
VHC: Hamilton's Maganbar Amber Mist over Margham

Open Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Drama Queen
2nd: Kurg's Etsill Skara Brae
3rd: Bird's Etsill Shapinsay Sound with Birbrinda

Special Beginners Bitch 1st: Little's Courtmoat Heilan Maid