National Terrier

Staffordshire County Showground, 2nd April 2016. Judge: Mrs Frances Chapman King (Inzievar).

My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at the terrier ‘classic’. A most enjoyable day. Thank you to my competent steward and to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs.
Temperaments were excellent, and dentition in the main too. Presentation overall was good.
My overall impression of the entry is more consistent quality in the bitches. Hind movement in general could be better; conformation, condition, ring training and handling all played their part. I was pleased to see several quality puppies, such a pleasure to judge. Both CC winners were made up on the day. Well done.


Dog CC

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC & BOB

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Kerrush's Micklam Jack Point

Kurg's Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill

Denham's Dentgate Hollyberries

Kerrush's Micklam Sun Kissed

Kerrush's Micklam Sun Kissed

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: Drake's Tollcross Tartan Tavish
Promising and balanced pepper. Typical in outlook and displaying Dandie character. Strong masculine head with skull well developed for his age, big teeth, strong muzzle, excellent eye and expression. Has plenty of bone, long flexible body, pleasing curvaceous topline, good texture to his coat for his age. Moved true when he wanted to. I liked him a lot.
2nd: Johnson & Fitzpatrick's Incantocani Augustus
Mustard with pleasing head and skull, big teeth and dark expressive eyes. Good in body and topline, lovely temperament and moved out fairly well. Is less mature than 1, has time on his side.
3rd: Johnson's Incantocani Alberto

Puppy Dog 1st: Miller & Cox-Purcell's Puddockswell Augustus Magnussen with Dryfevalley
Quality masculine pepper with a grand head and eye, big nose and good topknot. OK in shoulder, well ribbed up underpinning correct topline and good length of body. Strong quarters and shown in good coat. Moved well on the go around, better going than coming. Promising prospect.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Buckley's Dentgate Celebration
An old favourite of mine and looking good for his age. Masculine pepper dog with a strong head, good skull, pleasing expression, big nose and teeth. OK in shoulder, good ribbing, good bone and feet, shapely topline. In good coat and moved out well. Well handled.
2nd: Booth's Borderstone Kingman
Much younger pepper dog, just out of Junior, and losing out on overall maturity here. Not yet the strength in head of 1. OK in shoulder and ribbing. Good length of body, in good coat and well presented. Moved out true.

Limit Dog 1st: Kurg's Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill
One I have judged and admired before as a puppy, and is maturing well. Handsome, masculine pepper, who is typical in outlook, with a strong skull and muzzle, good eye and pleasing expression. Good topknot. OK in shoulder. Well off for bone, good ribbing, pleasing topline and length of body. Did not move consistently well behind today with a lazy gait and tendency to crab and this cost him. In the challenge, his coat texture and quality let him down. RCC.
2nd: Bell's Hawkesmill Indigo from Reidswire
Smaller pepper dog, not quite the head properties of 1, but has a good head and pleasing expression. Very good coat, good ribbing and body length. Could have more angulation. Moved out OK.
3rd: Johnson's Puddockswell My Dear Watson for Incantocani
Res: Doyle's Dentgate Jackfrost at Ilexquercus

Open Dog 1st: Kerrush's Micklam Jack Point
Typical mustard with a strong distinctive masculine head. Broad skull, good dome, well set eyes and excellent expression. Strong well filled muzzle, big nose and teeth. Pleasing forehand with great neck and shoulders. Ribbed up, long bodied and shapely. Correct texture crisp coat. Moved well on the go around and coming too. Could be more positive behind. Too severe trim made him appear angular, and did not enhance. CC.
2nd: Bromley's Mishahda Volcanic Storm
Impressive pepper who appeals on the stack. Strong masculine head, dark expressive eye, strong muzzle. Well off for bone, good legs and feet and shown in very good coat and order. Could have a touch more body length to balance. Did not perform consistently well on the move today with a tendency to crab, which cost him.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st: Milton's Puddockswell Hot Lips Houlihan at Wilmit
Pretty feminine mustard with pleasing head and eye. Good forehand, pleasing body length and shape. Good coat coming. Moved out well.
2nd: Drake's Tollcross Thistledown
Lovely quality pepper with an excellent forehand, feminine head with liquid expressive eyes, good bone legs and feet, shapely long body, well muscled quarters. In very good coat for age, and just right in her proportions all round. Defied all attempts by her handler to perform on the move. Litter sister to MPD and as promising too.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Kerrush's Micklam Sun Kissed
Super quality typical mustard who took my eye immediately. Most pleasing and typical feminine head, good dome and dark expressive eye. Best of fronts and layback, ribbed up, curvaceous topline, super quarters. Stylish and sound all ways. In good texture coat well presented, and of good size. BP & RCC.

Junior Bitch 1st: Buckley's German Dandies' Violetta
Feminine mustard with super head and expression. OK in shoulder, shapely long body, good ribbing, strong well muscled quarters. In a quality well presented coat. Moved out well on go around and going away, could tighten a touch in front. Good size. Well handled. Promising prospect.
2nd: Shore's Mishahda Golden Chestnut at Swanwillow
Larger, typical mustard with most pleasing head and excellent liquid eye and expression. OK in shoulder, good body and ribbing, well muscled quarters, coat on the blow which cost her here. Moved out well, and handled to advantage.
3rd: Bromley's Mishahda Vibrant Amber
Res: Bell's Dandiroyal Rita Skeeter

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma
Mustard with a pleasing eye and expression, shown in good coat. Would like more of her, and did not settle at all on the move.

Limit Bitch 1st: Denham's Dentgate Hollyberries
Understated in presentation, but underneath that an outstanding quality feminine pepper, with exquisite head properties. Strong skull, correct dome, well set eye with strong well filled muzzle. Big nose and teeth, the best of expressions, silky profuse top knot, well set fine ears. Good neck and layback, good bone and well padded feet. Good in body and topline, correct set on and carriage. Good size. Moved stylish and sound all ways with drive. CC & BOB.
2nd: Russell's Hawkesmill Ishbelle
Pepper with a pleasing head and expression. Good skull and muzzle. OK in shoulder and shown in good coat. Moved out well enough on go around, could be stronger behind, and needs more angulation here.

Open Bitch 1st: Milton's Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
Smart typical pepper I have judged and admired before, with a strong typical well made head, and dark expressive eyes. OK in shoulder, most pleasing in body length, good bone legs and feet. In a well presented quality coat. Did not move consistently sound today, and carrying a touch too much weight. Both cost her the challenge.
2nd: Denham's Dentgate Fire Opal
Pepper, not quite the head properties of 1. Pleasing forehand, with clean well laid shoulders, good body length, ribbing and topline. In quality texture jacket and moved sound all ways.