Do we look like our dogs?
Monday, 06 April 2009 16:20

p1090485A recently released study by psychologist Dr Lance Workman of Bath Spa University concluded that dog owners really do look like their pets.  A group of volunteers were asked to identify the pets that were owned just by looking at photographs of the owners.


On the other hand, the personality of the owner was found to have no connection with the choice of dog breed (though I think most Dandie owners would be proud to be compared to our dogs).  However, tests in the study showed that dog owners were nicer than the average population.


You can find the full story in the Telegraph by clicking here.


We are all familiar with Paul Keevil's famous similarity with his Dandie Crosby, but I think this photo from Crufts shows that Paul now has some competition.


It is interesting to note that Charlie Chaplin once entered a 'Charlie Chaplin Lookalike Competition' - and came third!