More Dandie Lookalikes in the News...
Wednesday, 08 April 2009 19:40

more-alikeI have just been reminded of a familiar face - actually two familiar and similar faces - in the Telegraph a while ago (click here).  So we become more alike over time?  Perhaps that explains why our Donald has developed a bald patch in sympathy!  Actually that was because I was trying to learn how to strip Dandies and got it wrong - but don't tell Melanie.


Paul Keevil, a photographer and artist, believes he and his pet dog Crosby, pictured, are growing more grumpy together as they get older. Mr Keevil bred Crosby - a rare Dandie Dinmont Terrier - and has kept him as a pet for the past eight years.
Not only does he think they look alike, he says they have increasingly developed the same personality over the years. Mr Keevil, 47, said: "I think actually we are growing much more like each other.
"We are both becoming a bit more curmudgeonly as we get older. "We like our own bit of space every now and again. We certainly are not quite as tolerant as we used to be.
"I certainly enjoy my food as much as he does, although I am a little bit more fussy. "Other than that I think I am a little bit more intelligent."
He added: "I think quite possibly pets and owners do grow more alike as they get older. "It may be that there is something subliminal when it comes to us choosing our pets.
"If someone is happy and cheery then their dog is always wagging its tail, isn't it?"


"...Mr Keevil, 47..."  When was this written?

Meanwhile, there are rumours of another two imminent TV appearances for our resident media magnet, Mr Keevil.  Watch this space.