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Hilary has asked me to post the following on the DDTC website...   Two parts to this! First the UK - do you have or do you know of any Dandies in the UK  that have or have had bladder stones - urate stone disease? If so, it  would help if...
Wednesday, 23 September 2009 | 14677 hits
An article on Canine Thyroid Disease, by Norma Bennett Woolf.
Tuesday, 01 January 2008 | 14058 hits
An article about Cushings' Disease, by Anna Tebb and Dr Ian Ramsey.
Tuesday, 01 January 2008 | 23708 hits
Dr Jeff Sampson of the Animal Health Trust, Genetics consultant to the Kennel Club, gave a talk to the DDTC in May 2009 in which he discussed the research of Dr Hannes Lohi at the University of Helsinki into the genetic mutation which can lead to glaucoma in Dandie Dinmonts.
Sunday, 03 May 2009 | 11823 hits
Dr Hannes Lohi has launched a genetic research programme at the University of Helsinki, aimed at identifying genetic defects related to hereditary diseases in different dog breeds.
Wednesday, 10 December 2008 | 12026 hits
An update on the genetic research work of Hannes Lohi, at the University of Helsinki, on the gene responsible for glaucoma in the Dandie Dinmont Terrier.
Saturday, 07 February 2009 | 11726 hits
Click here to download this information as a printable PDF.   14.04.2010 Dandie Dinmont Terrier glaucoma research update Glaucoma is among the leading causes of blindness both in humans and in dogs. Glaucoma is defined by...
Monday, 19 April 2010 | 9508 hits
Following the meeting of Breed Council held 15 November, a request was made for Prof Hannes Lohi in Finland to provide an update, with regard to the progress made in his study to find the marker in the DNA of the Dandie.
Thursday, 26 November 2009 | 10560 hits
An article about Primary Glaucoma in the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, by Professor Peter Bedford.
Tuesday, 01 January 2008 | 12646 hits
An article about the problems associated with canine inbreeding, by C A Sharp.
Tuesday, 01 January 2008 | 12541 hits

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