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There is to be a fun weekend at Armathwaite on the 30th / 31st May.  Further details from www.nativebreeds.org.uk or email dolphaz@aol.com. Jeanne and I went last year and it was hilarious, we ached with laughing. There were fun games for the dogs and it was nice to see show dogs and pet dogs rubbing shoulders and all their owners enjoying th experience also. I hope we can field a few more Dandies than our two, as the majority of dogs last year were Welsh Terriers. There is camping available on the field and a bit of accommodation at the local pub. Bye for now Ann        
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Sadly I have to report the death of George I Johnston (Sykemoor) who died on Tuesday 14th July.  I had known George and his late wife Cynthia for many years.  George was a gentleman, one of the old school, he had a great knowledge and understanding of the breed which he had owned along with his father since WW2.  A lot of his learning came from their association with the Jardine family and the Waterbeck Dandies.  One of George's most famous dogs was Ch Gladsmuir Gay Godess, whelped in 1952 bred by FL LT and Mrs Peter Townshend she won three CC's from 1954 to 1956.  George's other great love was Basset Hounds though I will leave that part of his life to others more qualified than me to comment on. George was quite a figure in his hometown of Wigton, Cumbria where the family business was a shoe shop, the oldest family run shop in the town.  The shop was first owned by George's father, then went on to George and Cynthia and on retirement passed on to their son, also called George. He awarded CC's in Dandies and many of the Hound breeds including the Group, one of his proudest moments was to judge the Hound Group at Crufts in 2004 when the Whippet Ch Cobyco Call The Tune won BIS.  He judged the breed at SKC this year and was due to judge the DDTC Ch show in 2010, an appointment he considered a great honour and was looking forward to greatly.  He was a honorary member of the DDTC. God bless George, it was a pleasure to have known you. Beverly Deacon.        
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Hannes Lohi was born in Rovaniemi which is in the northern part of Finland. Today he lives in Vantaa and is married to Inka Lohi. They have 6 children (4 girls and 2 boys). He studied philosophy, Molecular Biology and chemistry, graduating from Oulu University in 1999, and finished his PhD (genetics) in 2002 at Helsinki University. From 2002 - 2003 he worked at Biomedicum in Helsinki and did the cancer genetics research.   2003 - 2006 he spent in Canada where he lead the team of scientists in the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He was responsible for the research of one kind of epilepsy, called Lafora disease. That research lead to the to miniature wirehaired dachshund with a form of epilepsy = Lafora disease in humans. The results were published in Science magazine in January 2005. In Canada his job was to do neurogenetic research. In 2006 he started at Helsinki University as the docent of Molecular Biology. 2006 - 2008 he also started academic research at Helsinki University and Folkhalsan. Since 2008 he has worked as veterinary molecular biology professor at Helsinki University and Folkhalsan. Today he leads a research group of 20 people who are doing research on both dog and human genetics. Their main target is to do research on epilepsy and its genetic background and the European Union supports this research by 1 million euros. He has been awarded the Finnish Academy Award of bravery in the academic world because of his new idea of doing research on the dog genome to benefit the human genome research. His research group has got several awards for their work. Hannes Lohi has published about 30 research reports most of which have been published in the top scientific magazines. On 2007 he started a company called HT-diagnostics (www.canigen.com).   The Dandie Dinmont Trust first heard of his work about two years ago. We could tell by his enthusiasm that the Dandie would score high in his research. Hence our first donation of six thousand euros last year and three thousand to go in the next week or so. We have encouraged and helped where necessary with individuals and groups to send donations and blood samples, the Finnish Club being marvelous in their efforts which continue today, and also, those efforts of many other people in different countries which has been heartening. Now he has found the gene responsible for glaucoma in our breed, but the work does not stop there, samples and funds are needed, there is much resequencing to be done to find the mutation.   As Hannes says - "Thanks for your continuing support and interest! Samples are always welcome. As you know there is never too many... This is often the bottleneck in the studies".   So we implore you to donate to the cause through your club, individually or through us. Our link for this is www.ddtrust.com/donations.htm Thank you........ The Dandie Dinmont Trust.
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On the 20th of June, 34 dandies and their owners came together in Holland at the wonderful house of Sabine Boers.  The weather was great, the atmosphere was great and seeing so many Dandies together was even better. Vet MG van der Weele was there to take blood of all the Dandies which was then sent to Finland for the research into glaucoma by Dr Lohi. The Scottish Terrier Club to which we belong kindly paid for all the costs. What a fun time it was.. Conja Bell    
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Hilary has asked me to post the following on the DDTC website...   Two parts to this! First the UK - do you have or do you know of any Dandies in the UK  that have or have had bladder stones - urate stone disease? If so, it  would help if you could let me have the name of the Dandie (totally  confidential) and advise whether that Dandie has had a DNA sample sent  to the Animal Health Trust. If no DNA has been sent for that  particular Dandie, would you be prepared to do so? (a kit can be sent  to you and it only takes a few minutes at home - DIY - blood is not  required, just a swab) The Kennel Club has announced today that there is a DNA test for this  condition in Bull Terriers and Black Russian Terriers. In general  conversation, over the last year, I have been told of several bitches  with this condition and I have their names - including one of mine. The Animal Health Trust have agreed, at no cost to us, to run our  samples to validate this new DNA test for Dandies. quote from AHA  researcher: "I spoke to our diagnostics team and they would be happy to test a few  samples to validate the test for dandies." So if could help with names so that the AHA can run those samples from  affected dogs? At the moment, I don't think any of us with dogs with this condition  know whether or not it is environmental - drinking water etc so this  is an excellent chance, if the test is validated for Dandies, to check  that it is not a problem in our DNA. Second part. It would be very good to know if this is a problem that  is being experienced with Dandies outside the UK. Please pass these questions on to Dandie Breeders/Owners you know and  get back to me as soon as possible - this information will be kept  totally confidential - I would see no results of this test. hilarycheyne@gmail.com - Please put DNA STONES as the title so  I don't miss anything! If we get this information to the AHT fast, we should know very very  shortly if it is a viable test for Dandies. Thank you for your help. Hils
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SKC saw Moray Armstrong judging an entry of 21 with 3 absent he found his Dog CC & BOB in Gr Ch & Am Ch Pennywise On The Road Again (Derrydown Schooner's Keep Up Appearances ex Pennywise Cut To The Chase) a mustard owned by Beverly Deacon and Judy Hill bred by the late Cathy Nelson, this was his 3rd CC in 3 straight shows giving him his title, he then went onto Group 4 under Tom Mather. His 1st CC was won at Midland Counties '16 judge Stuart Plane, 2nd Birmingham National '17 Martin Phillips. BCC went to the well known Ch Hawkesmill Jenny for Wimit JW ShCM (Cloverwood Driving Force ex Ch Aus Ch Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill) owned by Barbara Milton and bred by Graham & Margaret Russell this was her 14th. RCCs went to Bardolynns O'Leary in dogs owned Margaret Russell & Emma Greenway bred by Mr Bosch and RBCC went to Dryfevalley Miss Muffet who was also BP owned and bred by Angie Miller. Bath had classes but no CCs Mark Cocozza had an entry of 9 with 3 abs he found his BD & BOB in Ir Ch Xenon Z Roburku Sun at Millerim owned by Les & Anna Milliner bred by Zoja Shejbalova. BB was Cloverwood Duchess May owned by Liz Jacka Slater bred by Glen Tinsley. Reserves went to Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma for Lenacourt and Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt who was also BP they are owned by Vera Harcourt Morris and bred by Conja Bell. What a fantastic few days we had at the Dandie Dinmont Festival you will have seen the reports so I will give my own personal view of events, arriving at Dryburgh Abby Hotel everyone was made very welcome. Even the Dandies had a bag of gravy bones in the rooms. A meet and greet was held Thursday evening where every introduced themselves and a run through the itinerary. The glass models of Old Pepper and Old Ginger, which are individually made so no two are exactly the same, were collected - a beautiful memento of the event. I'm sure further models will be available to order from Paul Keevil in the future. Friday morning saw us at Lochcarron of Scotland Waverley Mill where we were taken on a tour of the mill, known for weaving tartans including the black and white tartan of the Dandie clan it was amazing to watch the very fine yarn being woven and the operators threading yarn back onto the needles and the quality of the tartan. They provide tartan for all the top designers and did the very fine tartan for the Princess of Wales. We then split into two groups, one group went to Abbotsford the home of Sir Walter Scott, tours were taken of the house which to me is very atmospheric standing by Sir Walters desk in the study where he actually wrote Guy Mannering and his many other books, the tour of the beautiful gardens is breathtaking with everything in bloom and beautifully kept, visitors could then enjoy a meal in the restaurant and visit the discovery centre, the Trustees of the estate are doing an excellent job and are to be congratulated. The second group went to Oxnam Kirk to visit the grave of James Davidson thought to be the inspiration for the character Dandie Dinmont in the book Guy Mannering. A short service was held, with a recorded rendition of The Lay of the Dandie was played with the minister singing the second verse. A direct decedent of James Davidson, Doug Davidson gave an insight into his family and Dandies saying the Dandies way back were tools of the trade and were highly prized but were never kept as pets they earned their keep. Simon Rishton also spoke about the Dandie and its history and then a wreath was laid. The Dandie tradition of a photograph taken of a group of Dandies sitting on the tombstone was taken and Simon Rishton had his drone taking video from above the Kirk which was spectacular. Some of this group then headed to Born In The Borders where lunch was had and then there was a Gin Tasting Tour and a Beer Tasting. Back to the hotel to attend the Barking Plaid fashion show in the evening in conjunction with Angela Lauder of Scotch Tweed it was hosted by Dandie Dinmont himself AKA John Nichols who kept us all entertained until the models some of whom looked very familiar as they were the staff from the hotel who had "volunteered" along with the Dandies to show the collection. It all went down very well and visitors were able to buy or order garments in the Dandie Dinmont Tweed including collars leads dog coats and tam o'shanters. The second and third day I will cover next week. As you can see they were very full days.   Jackie Shore. swanwillowcottage@icloud.com      
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The second day of the Festival dawned bright and sunny we all arrived at Bowhill to be greeted by His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch, Duke Richard is patron of the Abbotsford Trust and Chief of Clan Scott. A presentation was made to the Duke of one of the models Founding Fathers and group photos were taken in this beautiful setting. Visitors could then split into various groups to take tours of the House where guides were available, most people were keen to see the Gainsborough painting of the 3rd Duke of Buccleuch with the earliest known image of a Dandie sitting on his knee, the painting is huge and very impressive. Other events were a very interesting talk by two Scottish Gamekeepers who gave an insight to the lives of gamekeepers on the estate where James Kerss was head gamekeeper for 46 years, their fight to stop poachers and how Old Pepper was probably trapped in a rabbit snare. An Open Air trailer ride through the estate passed the two Lochs down to James Kerss Gamekeepers Cottage and Bowhill kennels which still house working spaniels and terriers. The cafe was available to visitors and while we sat in the courtyard Duke Richard brought his grandchildren around to each table to meet the Dandies. Too soon it was time to leave and we headed for Ettrick Bridge to Kirkhope Cemetery to be greeted by Rev. Samuel Siroky who held a service of Remembrance and celebration for the life of James Kerss, but for him finding Old Pepper in the trap on Bowhill estate we would not have had our Dandies today. Wreaths were laid from Dandie Clubs worldwide then Blessing of the Dandies present was held using water taken from the Ettrick which runs past the Gamekeepers Cottage, this is the first time that the Dandie Community has had a chance to pay respects to a very important person in the history of our breed, also it was lovely that a direct descendant of James Kerss Christine Worsfold and her husband David were present. So we headed back to Dryburgh Manor hotel where a Barbecue was held attended by well over 100 people all talking Dandies. Next week day 3. Three Counties had Patsy Hollins giving tickets in our breed for the first time with an entry of 24 dogs 7 abs. She found her BCC & BOB in Cloverwood Ice and Fire (Kings Mtn The Governor ex Cloverwood Tilly Treasure) a mustard owned and bred by Glen Tinsley. RBCC was Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit owned by Barbara Milton. DCC was Ch. Gr Am Ch Pennywise On The Road Again (Derrydown Schooner's Keeping Up Appearances ex Pennywise Cut to the Chase) bred by the late Cathy Nelson owned by Beverly Deacon & Judy Hill. RDCC went to Dainty Dandies River Mersey for Lenacourt owned by Vera Harcourt Morris he was also BP. Southern Counties had Hendrikse Harling from Sweden no CCS here BD & BOB was Beverly Deacon & Judy Hill's Ch. Gr & Am Ch Pennywise On The Road Again. BB was Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma for Lenacourt (Ch Cloverwood Royal George ex Healaval Edderbell from Dawsholm) owned by Vera Harcourt Morris and bred by Conja Bell who also bred the RBD & BP Dainty Dandies River Mersey for Lenacourt also owned by Vera. RBB went to Liz Jacka Slater's Cloverwood Duchess May.   Jackie Shore. swanwillowcottage@icloud.com      
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There is a lot of catching up to do on the shows due to the shock closing of Dog World so here goes. The now well established back to back weekend saw well known Terrier man Les Aspin judging Border Union giving CCs in the breed for the first time with an entry of 23 dogs. He found his DCC & BOB in Ch Am Gr Ch Pennywise On The Road Again (Am Ch Derrydown Schooners Keeping Up Appearances ex Am Ch Pennywise Cut To The Chase) a mustard owned by Beverly Deacon & Judy Hill bred by the late Cathy Nelson, he also made the shortlist in the Group under Kay Aspin. RDCC went to Puddockswell Augustus Magnussen With Dryfevalley a pepper owned by Ali Cox Purcell and Angie Miller, bred by Ali. BCC was Ch Hawkesmill Jenny For Wilmit (Cloverwood Driving Force ex Ch. Aus Ch Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic For Hawkesmill) a pepper owned by Barbara Milton and bred by Graham and Margaret Russell. RBCC was Scottsbairn Marjorie Bruce a mustard owned and bred by Kjell and Eva Eriksson over from Sweden, with Best Puppy going to German Dandies Zampano at Puddockswell owned by Ali Cox Purcell, bred by Manfred and Monika Rosenbaum. The following day the CDDTC held its Championship show held at Jedburgh Town Hall, the judge was Margaret McDonald Cross with an entry of 36 dogs she found the BCC &BIS in Ch Inzievar Gold Spark (Ch Inzievar Silver Gilt ex Inzievar Gold Dust) a mustard homebred by Frances Chapman King. RBCC was Barbara Milton's Ch Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit. DCC went to Ch & Multi Ch Inzievar Wins Gold (Ch Vistca Vian of Hendell ex Inzievar Silver Charm) a mustard owned by Kjell and Eva Eriksson bred also by Frances. RDCC went to Beverly's and Judy's Ch Am Gr Ch Pennywise On The Road Again, with Best Puppy in Show MyDan'd Wonderful Red Dragon at Puddockswell owned by Ali Cox Purcell bred by Cathi Tower Chriscaden in America. The following week was Blackpool Ch show with Alan Curry the judge who had 12 dogs present he awarded the BCC & BOB to Barbara Milton's Ch Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit her breeding given before, with DCC was the aforementioned Ch Multi Ch Inzievar Wins Gold making it a very successful week for the Erikssons. RCCs went to Julie Booth's Borderstone Kingman for Lannia and Tim & Gill Denham's Dentgate Fire Opal, with Cloverwood Yours Truly Best Puppy owned and bred by Glen Tinsley. Onto Windsor in the beautiful setting of Home Park Windsor where Beverly Deacon was judging an entry of 34 dogs she awarded Ch Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit BCC & BOB owned and handled by Barbara Milton, Jenny went onto be shortlisted in the Group under Ann Ingram. To make it a family affair Jenny's litter brother Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill won his second CC he is owned by Barbara Kurg and bred by Graham & Margaret Russell. RCCs went to Bardolynns O'Leary owned by Emma Greenway & Margaret Russell and in bitches Louisa Henry's Trinzy Hair N'Graces who was also Best Puppy. The DDTC held its Championship Show at Nantwich Civic Hall, sadly this will be the last time here due to the selfish and thoughtless acts of exhibitors allowing their dogs to foul the venue and grounds, venues are becoming very difficult to find and this Hall has welcomed Dog Clubs to use its facilities for well over 40 years, but it only takes the few to spoil it for the rest. Sue McCourt was our judge with an entry of 51 dogs DCC & BIS was Ch & Am Ch Pennywise On The Road Again owned by Beverly Deacon and Judy Hill and bred by the Late Cathy Nelson who I'm sure would have been thrilled at Willie's success. RDCC went to Julie Booth's Borderstone Kingman for Lannia, bred by Wendy Weatherstone. BCC was Cloverwood Ice and Fire a mustard by (Am Ch Kings Mtn The Governor ex Cloverwood Tilly Treasure) owned and bred by Glen Tinsley this gave her the title of champion, her first CC was won at National Terrier Club '17 judge Liz Cartledge, the second was Three Counties '17 judge Patsy Hollings. Glen also saw her Cloverwood Yours Truly a pepper win both the RBCC but also Best Puppy in Show. Best Veteran was Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence from Reidswire owned by Rob & Sue Bell. On the same day East of England had classes for Dandies without CCs Meriel Taylor was down to judge the breed but had to withdraw due to health reasons so I don't know who did judge the breed, but the results were BD BOB & B Puppy Dryfevalley Johnny Fox a mustard owned by Mrs Hubbard and Angie Miller. BB was Dentgate Sugarberries at Thystine owned by Mrs Shepard with RBB Bonnybeck Chrystal Cascade at Crackerday. Because there is so much show news this week I will leave the 3rd day of the Dandie Dinmont Festival until next week. There is a new book out on the breed which is well worth investing in. It is called 'A Good Terrier According to Mr Dandie Dinmont' by Jonas Wiborg. Jonas is well known to older breeders and exhibitors - he would visit here from Sweden and handle Dandies for Mrs Jameson and Peggy Hulme. He has also judged Dandies here. Jonas has written 2 previous books on the breed but in Swedish, so it was brilliant that he has now brought this book out in English. His depth of knowledge of kennels and breeding and the detail he goes into is brilliant from the past and current breeders, it should be required reading for all Dandie enthusiasts. If you wish to order a copy e-mail jonaswiborg8@gmail.com Jackie Shore. swanwillowcottage@icloud.com
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Leeds Ch Show was held at Harewood House where there were classes for Dandies but no CCs. Our judge was Bert Easden (Yakee) who had an entry of 13 dogs with 5 absent. He found his BB & BOB in Ch Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit JW ShCM, owned by Barbara Milton, with litter brother Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill, owned by Barbara Kurg, taking Best Dog. They were bred by Graham and Margaret Russell. Misses M & E Cavannagh's German Dandies Zorro at Puddockswell was Reserve Best Dog, with Reserve Best Bitch and Best Puppy Etsill Fara, owned and bred by Barbara Kurg. Fara then went onto Puppy Group 3 under David Guy. Best Veteran was Laura Sleight's Cassencarrie Madalaina at Bonnybeck. Club Chairman Paul Eardley took a trip to Sweden to the Nordic Terrier Show to judge Dandies among other breeds. He found his Best Dog & Best of Breed in Ch & Multi Ch Inzievar Wins Gold (Ch Vistca Vian of Hendell ex Inzievar Silver Charm) owned by Kjell and Eva Eriksson, bred by Frances Chapman King. Best Opposite Sex went to Multi Ch Inzievar Glittering Gold (Ch Vistca Vincent ex Avonview Ben Avon at Waitensee) owned by Marianne Blixr and again bred by Frances. It is interesting to note that the sires Vian and Vincent are litter brothers. The third day of the Dandie Dinmont Festival was again dry and sunny as we all gathered in the Market Square where a statue of Sir Walter stands in front of the historic courthouse of which Sir Walter was the Sheriff of Selkirk. The Courthouse was opened especially early so visitors could take the tour and 'Sir Walter Scott' aka John Nichol was there to greet the Dandies and owners. Across the Market Square is The Fleece, very significant in the history of the Dandie Dinmont, this is where the inaugural meeting of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club was held in November 1875. In 2000, the 125th anniversary of the Club, a plaque celebrating this landmark was unveiled by the then Club Patron Dame Jean Maxwell Scott, the last living descendant of Sir Walter. Unfortunately when the Fleece changed ownership the plaque was removed and got passed on. The new landlord at the Fleece welcomed the Dandies and owners and even had a special menu with a Dandie slant. A new plaque was installed commemorating the founding of the Club and this was unveiled by Club Chairman Paul Eardley. Visitors then gathered again to be greeted by a piper who lead the parade from the Market Square down to The Haining House where there photo calls and a parade around the House past the dignitaries and Simon took some stunning shots with his drone. It was then time for the main event. The pipers lead the procession to the kennel area which, since the first time we visited, has been hugely improved. Paul Keevil introduced Mr Wilson Young, Director of the Kennel Club, who performed the Ribbon Cutting to officially open the Discovery Centre, inside which we saw presentations of the Dandie, its history and development. Simon Rishton had very kindly donated a computer into which you could put your Dandies KC registered name and their pedigree will come up going right back to Old Ginger - remarkable when you think you are standing in the kennel where Old Ginger was born. Back to the kennel area where Mike Macbeth thanked everyone for attending and supporting this venture. She then introduced Michelle Ballantine, the new chairman of the Haining Trust, who unveiled the statue of Old Ginger with the sculptor Alexander 'Sandy' Stoddart looking on. It is a remarkable piece of work. Everyone wanted their photo taken with Old Ginger and their own Dandie. When the Kennel was refurbished there was stone left over and you could buy these pieces with a certificate of authenticity to your own bit of Dandie history, all proceeds going to the Haining Trust. There was also a specially bred fuchsia by J V Porter of Southport called, you guessed it, Dandie Dinmont. These sold like hot cakes so those who were disappointed will have to wait until next year for the new crop. So onto the Dandie Derby. There were 118 Dandies entered with 20 visitors. £364 was raised for the Haining Trust. Whether your Dandie was an experienced racer or not everyone completed the course, some a lot faster than others. It didn't matter really who won; everyone enjoyed it. Thank you to Kenny and Shona Allen for organising this event. To Mike and Paul and all your helpers, this was a remarkably and unique event, the planning, the detail brought history to life, those attending will never forget this adventure you took us on, a very special thank you for all your efforts. Jackie Shore
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Judges recorded in this months KC Journal: City of Birmingham '18 Lynda Bromley; Border Union '18 Sarah Sheild. It's good to see a new breed specialist coming through. Paignton had classes without CCs. The judge was Tom Johnston with an entry of 11 dogs, 5 absent. Best Dog and Best Of Breed was Ch/Am Gr Ch Pennywise On The Road Again owned by Beverly Deacon and Judy Hill. Reserve Best Dog Ceilmear Golden Challenger at Millerim owned by Les and Anna Milliner. Best Puppy was Glen Tinsley Xoranda Secret Ron Day View to Cloverwood. There were no bitches present. Last weekend saw the Caledonian DDTC hold its second Open Show of the year. The venue was Jedburgh Town Hall and the judge was Club Convenor Keith Marshall. There was an entry of 22 dogs with 8 absent. Best Bitch & Best In Show was Gill and Brian Kerrush's homebred Micklam Sun Kissed (Ch Inzievar Silver And Gold ex Micklam Lemon Mousse) Reserve Best Bitch was Puddockswell Shadow Weaver owned by Laurie Riach. Best Dog Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay (Ch Swanwillow Sea Captain ex Cassencarrie Madelaina at Bonnybeck) owned and bred by Laura Sleight. Reserve Best Dog Dentgate Mulberries who was also Best Puppy In Show. Best Veteran was Mr & Mrs Hansford's Cassencarrie Bonnie Lad. There were 3 Special Award Classes held and these were judged by Ali Cox-Purcell. There were 10 dogs entered and although they are not part of the main show they give new judges the experience of going over dogs and placing them in a Show environment. Sunday had Bournemouth Championship Show where there was an entry of 25 dogs with 4 absent. Sheila Linter was the judge. She awarded Bitch CC and Best Of Breed to Cassencarrie Burning Issue (Ch/Am Ch Pennywise Burning Ambition for Cassencarrie ex Cassencarrie Cut Above) owned and bred by Beverly Deacon, the remarkable thing is this bitch is 8 1/2 years old and was ownly shown as a minor puppy before having a rest for 8 years and coming back with a bang to win her 1st CC proving Dandies are good lasters. Dog CC was another winning a 1st for Ceilmear Golden Challenger at Millerim (Ir Ch Xenon z Roxburku Sun at Millerim ex Wivels Mulberry Wine at Ceilmear) owned by Les and Anna Milliner and bred by Mr & Mrs Fear. Reserve DCC went to Beverly's & Judy's Ch & Am Gr Ch Pennywise On The Road Again, Reserve BCC was Glen's Cloverwood Ice And Fire and Best Puppy Cloverwood Yours Truly. There has been good feedback about the book I recommended by Jonas Wiborg. It's especially good for new Dandie owners who are anxious about growth and development. Dandies are slow developers in comparison to Westies who are the same shape at 6 weeks and 6 months, Dandies are balanced at 6 weeks and then go up on the leg and look like a drainpipe. You then have to be patient until they develop in body which can take up to 12 months. Mouths are another anxiety for new owners mostly about the temporary bottom canines which although the bite is correct in front the canines go straight up and touch the roof of the mouth, this is quite normal and when these teeth come out the permanent teeth grow up and curl outwards giving a correct bite. Jackie Shore
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