DDTC Championship Show 2010

Nantwich Civic Hall, 18th July 2010.  Judge: Ms Mike Macbeth (Glahms)


"This invitation was a dream fulfilled.  I regularly flew over from Canada to attend the DDTC Ch Show when it was held in Carlisle in the late ‘60’s and 70’s, and when it was judged by the great breeders of the time, names whose dogs appear generations back in all our pedigrees.  Were it not for the dedication of those men and women who devoted their lives to perpetuating the Dandie Dinmont, we would not be so fortunate to have the quality today that their legacies have produced.

"One of those names, of course, was George Johnston, who was due to fulfil this assignment, before his sudden death last year.  The DDTC determined that George would be remembered by a special stakes class at the end of the show, one that drew 14 entries.  The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Canada was delighted to provide the prizes.

"I wish to thank my able and efficient stewards, Margaret Russell, Debbie Perry and Wendy Weatherstone.  Also to Show Manager and Club Secretary Gill Mannia who patiently answered infinite questions (mostly about the potential weather!)  And of course, my gratitude to the exhibitors who came from far and near to show their beautiful dogs in an atmosphere of camaraderie and adoration for our beloved breed.  

"The remarkable entry of 76 dogs in the regular classes (with only 4 absentees) was humbling.  The overall quality of exhibits, particularly in movement and presentation has improved since judging the Caledonian Championship Dandie show in Scotland in 2006.

"In my critique I have not mentioned several breed features, because they are so well represented in the current British Dandies. Temperaments were excellent, with almost every dog happily wagging his tail.  Thin ear leather, good length of body, shortness of tail, and dark liquid eyes was the norm.  Dentition by and large is excellent, with only three or four dogs with doubtful mouths.  Mind you, as exhibitors know a Dandie must have correct dentition, perhaps only the dogs with correct scissor bites entered.

"My winners had that extra “something” that distinguishes a quality dog from a good dog.  There is no mention in our standard of the size of nose, but a Dandie with a small pointed nose does not have the character than one with a large, black nose – particularly on the males.  Coat care, gleaming presentation, glorious topknots, rich colour, and of course, charisma, all contribute to putting the icing on the cake.

"It was particularly gratifying to see so many excellent young Dandies, which bodes well for the future of our precious, vulnerable breed.  Congratulations to all the breeders who are producing such quality Dandies.  You are responsible for the next generations, and your adherence to the breed standard is to be commended.  Thank you again, for the honour of judging your dogs."

Dog CC & BIS

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Hulme's Vistca Vian of Hendell

Shore's Swanwillow Sea Captain

Chapman-King, Eriksson & the late Buist's Inzievar Gold Touch

Russell's Aus Ch. Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill

Shore's Swanwillow Seabreeze


Puppy Dog

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Sea Captain

Beautiful head, especially for a ten month old.  Lovely neck and shoulders, good length, with lovely short loin, sound,  beautiful coated mustard.  An outstanding puppy with fluid movement.  RCC.

2nd: Bedborough's Hendell Crofter for Pitfirrane

Good coated pepper, another nice head, good topline and length. Longer loin and hind movement made the difference between 1 and 2.

3rd: Worster's Cloverwood After Midnight

Junior Dog

1st: Hunter's Etsill Scapa Flow

Sweet head with a nice muzzle and expression and good dome, good neck flowing into nice topline, very good coat, sound pepper.

2nd: Worster's Cloverwood After Midnight

Lovely type with good head and nice textured coat.  Not as clean in shoulder as 1.

3rd: Stone's Ludlay Lord Of The Isles
Res: Sleight's Cassencarrie Bobby Vee
VHC: Gaffney's Norfolkhaven Tiger's Eye

Yearling Dog

1st: Jacka-Slater's Cassencarrie Robbie Burns

Nice type, good head with dark eye, lovely coat, sound coming and going, quite proud of his tail that whirled in a circle like a helicopter.

Novice Dog 1st: Hunter's Etsill Scapa Flow
2nd: Worster's Cloverwood After Midnight
3rd: Sleight's Cassencarrie Bobby Vee

Graduate Dog 1st: Jacka-Slater's Cassencarrie Robbie Burns

2nd: Miller's Puddockswell Moon Shadow at Dryfevalley

Excellent head, wide skull, nice expression, good topline.  Larger heads with good domes often are supported by wider shoulders, as in this case.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Miller's Puddockswell Moon Shadow at Dryfevalley

2nd: Sleight's Cassencarrie Bobby Vee

Nice head, flat topline, coat wasn’t ready on the day.  Preferred movement of winner.

Limit Dog

1st: France's Torbrae Dance N Dazzle

Topped an excellent class of dogs.  Outstanding coat with perfect length, texture and colour, a bright red mustard that immediately catches one’s eye.  Great head, correct topline, lovely movement, sound coming and going.  Didn’t perform in the CC class as he did in Limit.

2nd: Skitt & Jones's Vistca Vincent

Beautiful mustard dog, I note is litter brother to the BOB.  Beautiful head, with wide set eyes, lovely topline, with correct tail carriage.  A short loin, with excellent ribbing.

3rd: Kerrush's Inzievar Royal Gold
Res: Smethurst's Dawsholm Dapper Davoc
Corless's Dengold Enterprise
Hansford's Cassencarrie Bonnie Lad
Kelly's Swanwillow Jackmanii
Culverhouse's Cassencarrie Gandalf at Lykath

Open Dog

1st: Hulme's Vistca Vian of Hendell

Judges are often asked if they prefer soundness over type.  A great dog has both, and this is a great dog.  Stunning mustard in perfect coat and beautiful condition.  Spectacular head, the best of the day, with perfect proportions.  A masculine head, with a strong square muzzle, and low set, round eyes with a melting expression.  The neck flows flawlessly into the shoulders on the soundest front of any of the exhibits.  His outline and movement completed an absolutely outstanding picture. He achieved his championship today. CC and BOB.


2nd: Bannister's Ch. Banburg Alfresco

Handsome mature mustard, with lovely head, beautiful type, in great condition.  Excellent ribbing and length of body, sound front, better coming than going.

3rd: Cadwallader's Bettymac Sun Samba
Res: Denham's Scottsbairn Duke Of Ross

Veteran Dog

1st: Mannia's Finloren The Lion In Winter at Kirskill

A nearly ten year old mustard who was really enjoying his day out.  Sweet face.  Great coat especially for his age, and his fluid movement belied his years. RBV.

Veteran Bitch

1st: Bromley's Ch. Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble

Have admired her since first seeing her in 2003.  Beautiful headpiece, with serene expression.  Georgeous eyes.  Great mustard coat, topline and outline.  BV.


2nd: Motler's Renald Iolanthe of Wazzly

A happy 13 year old Mustard, in wonderful condition, with a marvellous coat for her age.  Good neck and shoulders, nothing has coarsened over the years.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st: Heywood's Cloverwood Day By Day at Schalulleke

Only six months and 12 days, she behaved like a seasoned veteran.  Lovely curvy pepper, with good ribbing, beautiful neck and shoulders, lovely length and good coat.

2nd: Ray's Dentgate Sweet Symphony

Pretty mustard with great coat, good topline, not walking quite as easily as 1.

3rd: Bell's Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence
Res: Weaving's Lady Charlotte of Whiteside

Puppy Bitch

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Seabreeze

Lovely 10 month old Pepper.  Beautiful head, with good dome, all correct proportions of muzzle, low set eyes, wonderful outline, flowing movement.  Litter sister to the RCC male, she is slightly more mature and finished. BP.


2nd: Denham's Kirkhalin Starlight Phoebe

Another lovely pepper puppy, with wonderful neck and shoulders, very close between 1 and 2, preferred the topline of 1.

3rd: Marshall's Deegandan Lavender of Dun Eidean

Junior Bitch

1st: Chapman-King & the late Buist's Inzievar Royal Silver

Balance is achieved by correct angles, proportions, length and topline, good ribbing, a short loin and four sound legs.  This pepper bitch, littermate of the CC winner, is less mature at this stage, but has all the ingredients.  Fluid movement and a pretty head completed the picture.

2nd: Booth's Cloverwood Candlelight

Another fabulous bitch, with excellent movement.  A pretty head, a good mustard coat, and lovely neck and shoulders created a beautiful picture standing and going.

3rd: Hunter's Etsill Inganess Bay
Res: Hunter's Etsill Greenvoe

Yearling Bitch

1st: Hunter's Etsill Greenvoe

Alone in this class, handled by an 8 year old, neither dog nor child had previous experience.  Both improved their performance with each class entered.  This sound and feminine mustard bitch has a pretty head, lovely outline, a great coat and correct length.  This class was the rehearsal for the next one, which she and her charming determined handler, deservedly also won.


Novice Bitch 1st: Hunter's Etsill Greenvoe

2nd: Marshall's Deegandan Bamburgh

A bigger, more mature bitch than 1, with lovely type, a good topline, nice mustard coat and lovely movement, that could have been even better, spoiled by her being overweight.

3rd: Weaving's Dengold McCarthy's Pride

Graduate Bitch

1st: Morris's Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave

This class had two bitches, equal in quality, with each having what the other lacked.  Lovely shape and outline in excellent condition, good dentition, free moving pepper who held her topline moving and stationary.

2nd: Kerrush's Inzievar Platinum

Beautiful shapely mustard, with excellent front, and correct neck and shoulders. Lovely domed head, great eye set, skull and stop.

3rd: Smith's Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy
Res: Weaving's Dengold McCarthy's Pride

Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Hunter's Puddockswell Hootin Annie at Etsill

Excellent coated mustard with a pretty head, liquid eye and a sweet expression.  Good length of body, correct topline, flowing movement.

2nd: Corless's Hendell Cassiopeia at Dengold

Nice headed mustard with a good coat, a little shorter in body than 1, which restricted the fluidity of her  movement.

3rd: Motler's Wazzly Athena

Limit Bitch

1st: Chapman-King, Eriksson & the late Buist's Inzievar Gold Touch

Outstanding quality mustard, with a stunning head, great neck and shoulders, and lovely shapely outline.  Correct topline and tail set.  Charismatic personality. Stylish, elegant and sound, she was made up by this win.  CC, BOS and RBB.


2nd: France's Torbrae Daisy Dreamin

Another quality, sound and stylish mustard with a lovely head, correct topline and excellent movement, which would even improve if she was slimmer.

3rd: Morris's Pennywave Amaryllis
Res: Bromley's Mishahda Tempting Touch
VHC: Denham's Dentgate Serendipity
Bedborough's Puddockswell Gilded Lily from Pitfirrane
Heywood's Schalulleke Clara Jones
Weatherstone's Schalulleke Blueprint for Borderstone

Open Bitch

1st: Russell's Aus Ch. Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill

An extraordinary class of bitches with depth of quality.  The winner had the most fluid movement of the day, with outstanding reach and drive.  An imported pepper bitch, she has a beautiful coat, and a stunning topline that flows from neck and shoulders to her correct tail set.  Her exceptional movement could not be denied.  RCC.


2nd: Shore's Ch. Swanwillow Savannah

The best presented female of the day with a gorgeous coat and topknot,atop a glorious head with a beautiful eye, and expression with all the right proportions.  Completely finished, and groomed to perfection.  

3rd: Mannia's Ch. Wazzly Persephone at Kirskill
Res: Morris's Hendell Tassel at Pennywave
VHC: Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star
Danks's Dawsholm Cantily Kate
Motler's Wazzly Aphrodite

Stud Dog 1st: Denham's Scottsbairn Duke Of Ross

Brood Bitch 1st: Hunter's Puddockswell Hootin Annie at Etsill
2nd: Motler's Finloren Lady Eloise at Wazzly

Brace 1st: Hunter's   p1110345
2nd: France's  
3rd: Morris's  
Res: Denham's  

Team 1st: Hunter's   p1110352
2nd: Morris's  

Open Dog Special Stakes in memory of George Johnston 1st: Gaffney's Norfolkhaven Tiger's Eye
2nd: Cadwallader's Bettymac Sun Samba
3rd: Stone's Ludlay Lord Of The Isles

Open Bitch Special Stakes in memory of George Johnston 1st: Chapman-King & the late Buist's Inzievar Royal Silver
2nd: Booth's Cloverwood Candlelight
3rd: Mannia's Ch. Wazzly Persephone at Kirskill
Res: Morris's Pennywave Amaryllis
VHC: Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star



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