Best Junior Member

amelia-bedfordCongratulations to Amelia Bedford, age 8, who won the Gerard Cup for Best Junior Member at the DDTC Championship Show yesterday.


Amelia and her dog, Hattie, were in their first ever dog show.  Hattie has been with the family since a pup and Amelia takes care of her.  They live in the country so Amelia checks her daily for ticks - and removes them (yuk).  She also brushes and combs her and has been stripping her coat.


They were placed 4th in Junior Bitch, then 1st in Yearling, 1st in Novice and were part of the Team which also won 1st.


She then helped assistant steward Debbie hand out the prizes and took the tin of Dandie biscuits round the hall.


Amelia says to her mum each night "wonder what I might dream about tonight" but last night she announced she knew exactly what she'd dream about!  She really had a ball!  Thanks to judge Mike Macbeth for being so nice to her and so encouraging.