Crufts 2004

NEC Birmingham, 7th March 2004. Judge: Mrs E Hewitt (Poynton).

An 8.30 a.m. start meant an even more difficult journey for exhibitors especially with all the traffic congestion locally! It was good to see such a big ring with plenty of room to move the dogs, though moving around in the halls was not comfortable.
The quality was very mixed with bitches, on the whole, being better than the dogs. Quite a few lack heart room, with little substance between the front legs, leading to unsoundness. Soundness in some cases was a real problem which is disappointing to see at such a prodigious event. Size was within the Standard in most cases, though smaller should not mean lacking in bone. A Dandie should be a tough, working dog with substance. There was only one dodgy mouth though the sizes of teeth varied from fairly small to enormous! Ears tended to be of reasonable fineness, though placement varied. There were fewer high set tails than I have noticed in recent years. Coats were mainly good with few being over trimmed. CC & RCC winners well deserved their success.


Dog CC

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC & BOB

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Power's Needwood Twice Nightly

Nelson & Carr's Am Ch. Cassencarrie The Hustler for Blaven

Boers's Isadora Duncan of Coquet Water

Denham's Dentgate Yours Truly

Hows's Kuddlemee Gershwin

Special Puppy Dog 1st: Hows's Kuddlemee Gershwin
13 month old Mustard with nice head and expression, nice dark eye and fme well set ears. Good coat, balance, length and topline. Hind movement needs to tighten up. BP.

Special Junior Dog 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Dandie Dazzle
14 month old Mustard. Nice size, lovely coat, head and expression, good tail set. Moved freely. Could do with a bit more substance.
2nd: Lambden's Pitfirrane Glendullan
Mustard. Good mouth and pleasing expression. A bit leggy and very close in front.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Power's Needwood Twice Nightly
Pepper. Caught my eye as soon as he lined up. Lovely dog, a typical Dandie in every way, correct size and substance, lovely reach of neck, super top line, tail-set. Well balanced, moved very soundly with enthusiasm. Well deserved DCC. Pushed hard for Best of Breed.
2nd: Denham's Dentgate Royal Approval
Pepper, Nice body and topline, moved happily. Not the substance of 1.
3rd: Williams's Westwell Skylark
Pepper. Good bead and expression. Well set ears. Lovely coat texture. Moved well. Topline not quite as typical as 1 & 2.
Res: Lowton's Maganbar Sun Dancer

Limit Dog 1st: Harpwood's Finloren Nicholas Nickleby
Pepper. Lovely coat. Correct size, good topline, head and expression. Well set tail. Sound.
2nd: Deacon's Cassencarrie Blithe Spirit
Pepper. Very nice sound dog with strong head. Moved freely. Just preferred topline of 1.
3rd: Derry's Vistca Van Der Valk
Mustard. Heavier type than 1 & 2. Strong head. Would prefer a larger eye and softer expression. Good mouth. Moved well. Coat needs to clear.
Res: McLeod's Healaval Usquebae
VHC: Hamilton's Margham Lord Of The Dance

Open Dog 1st: Nelson & Carr's Am Ch. Cassencarrie The Hustler for Blaven
Rich Mustard. Well textured coat, slightly overdone on furnishings, but a lovely body underneath. Lovely eye and expression. Moved very freely and soundly, with enjoyment. RCC.
2nd: Buist & Chapman-King's Ch. Inzievar William Wallace
Mustard. Long and low with a full coat. Good head, eye and expression. Correct topline. Movement a little ponderous and wide in front.
3rd: Wheble's Ch. Fernroyal Mister Chuckles at Penactiv
Another very nice dog. Good head and eye. Coat not quite in yet. Topline just not quite as good as 1 & 2.

Special Veteran Bitch 1st: Weatherstone's Ch. Borderstone Eminant Envoy
Pepper. Lovely coat. Good head and expression. Good feet. Moved freely.
2nd: Jarvis's Ch. Mosterlada Golden Quine
Mustard. Nice mouth and strong head. Moved well. Coat not as good as 1.
3rd: Jarvis's Mosterlada Silver Darling
Pepper. Sound and moved freely. Good coat. Preferred expression of 1 & 2.

Special Junior Bitch 1st: Bromley's Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble
Mustard. Beautifully presented. Very pretty head. Lovely expression, eye and mouth. Good topline, well balanced. Moved happily. Perhaps a little close behind.
2nd: Justice's Dandaleith Advent Spice
Small pepper with lovely crisp coat texture. Lovely expression. A little short of furnishings, but time will solve that. Plenty of heart room. Lovely topline. Moved very soundly.
3rd: Tinsley's Cloverwood English Rose
Mustard. Moved very well. Pretty, with a good mouth, but carrying too much topknot and furnishings. Body well shaped and sound, but would prefer more bone.
Res: Fisher's Hollyberry Hotshot
VHC: Burnett's Oaksleigh Christmas Carol

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Denham's Dentgate Yours Truly
Mustard. Lovely head and expression. Good coat. Correct topline. Very sound and moved freely with verve. Well Deserve RCC.
2nd: Hamilton's Margham Ruby Tuesday
Mustard. Good coat, head nice length of neck. Pleasing expression. Sound, well balanced and moved well.
3rd: Russell's Hawkesmill Ebony
Pepper. Very good coat. Nice body and topline. Nice expression.
Res: Wheble's Penactiv Lust For Life
VHC: Jotterand-Rod's Chiva Dandie From Switzerland

Limit Bitch 1st: De Bakker's Josephine Baker of Coquet Water
Pepper. Lovely typical Dandie. Good body and head, topline and tail set. Moved very soundly.
2nd: Heywood's Schalulleke Lizzy Weaver
Mustard. Good coat, nice head and expression. Moved soundly. Less reach of neck than 1.
3rd: MacInnes's Bettymac Elizabeth
Pepper. Lovely coat. nice head, moved well.
Res: Bailey's Stinchcombe Love In The Mist
VHC: Walkley's Healaval Barley Bree with Follycott

Open Bitch 1st: Boers's Isadora Duncan of Coquet Water
Correct size and type, with plenty of bone and substance without being stuffy. Plenty of heart room. Very pretty head. Lovely eye and expression. Lovely rich mustard coat of correct text ure. Nice neat feet. Very sound and moved freely and happily. Clear BCC winner. BOB.
2nd: Deacon's Ch. Cassencarrie Kalvados
Pepper. Presented very short of coat. Moved well. Nice head and expression. Good rib but not the topline of 1.
3rd: France's Torbrae Dance On Dreams
Good topline and reach of neck. Well let down. Moved well.
Res: De Bakker's Needwood Jingle
VHC: Bailey's Stinchcombe Meadow Saffron
HC: Langford's Ch. Inzievar Inspiration
C: Hamilton's Penactiv Monday Monday at Margham