CDDTC Championship Show 2010

Abbotsford, 7th November 2010. Judge: Miss Meriel France (Torbrae)

"Firstly I would like to thank the CDDTC committee for inviting me to judge and having the confidence in me to award challenge certificates for the first time at their club show. Secondly thank you to the stewards, Geraldine and Sue, who kept me on track and thirdly thank you to all the exhibitors who entered their dogs in this show, making an entry of 91 dogs. Overall the standard of the dogs entered was extremely high. Both open classes were just about as good as it gets, I had a tear in my eye when I glanced up at my open dog line up for the first time. That said there were also some gorgeous youngsters too, who will be the big winners of tomorrow.

"It was such a privilege and honour to go over so many lovely Dandies in the grounds of Abbotsford House and the memories of the day will remain with me for a very long time to come."

Dog CC & BIS

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Best Veteran

Johnston& Macbeth's Am/CanCh. Gateway Sparks of Glahms

The late Buist & Jamieson's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt

Tinsley's Ch. Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle

Chapman-King, Eriksson & Hislop's Ch. Inzievar Gold Touch

Kerrush's Dentgate Memphis Belle

Bromley's Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble

Minor Puppy Dog

1st: Bromley's Mishahda Volcanic Storm

A promising young dog of good length and well angulated hind quarters. Good head with correct scissor bite and dark eyes. Coat coming through nicely. Movement is there when he concentrates. I am sure this will settle with experience.

Junior Dog

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Sea Captain

A very sound and balanced young dog. Strong head with large teeth, forming the correct bite. A dark eye enhanced his lovely expression. Effortless and fluid movement already established. Presented in a lovely tight mustard jacket to complete the picture.

2nd: Bedborough's Hendell Crofter for Pitfirrane

A nice size and type of dog with a good head, dark eye and mouth. Shapely topline and correct tail carriage on the move. Presented in a good crisp pepper coat.

3rd: MacPherson's Dawsholm Wee Darick

Special Yearling Dog

1st: Hunter's Etsill Scapa Flow

Nice sized dog with a good head and well developed maxilla muscles and large teeth. Good front and topline which he kept on the move with tail carried in the correct placement.

Novice Dog

1st: MacPherson's Dawsholm Wee Darick

A good head with a dark eye and large teeth, shown in a lovely pencilled crisp pepper coat. He just needs to develop some ring savyness as movement hard to assess. I am sure this will come with experience.

Graduate Dog

1st: Sleight's Cassencarrie Bobby Vee

Well trained dog with a good topline which he held on the move. Correct bite with a pleasing dark eye.

2nd: Barr's Deegandan Cambo

Larger than 1 and today out of coat. Good front and head with pleasing tail carriage.

Postgraduate Dog

1st: Miller's Puddockswell Moonshadow at Dryfevalley

A dog with a happy disposition ,which is so nice to see. Good head and well formed cheek muscles, moved well and in good coat.

2nd: Riach's Puddockswell Gilded Imp

A good coated dog with a well proportioned head . This dog caught and kept eye contact with me, giving me that dignified dandie look.

3rd: Brain's Avonview Bein Bhreac

Limit Dog

1st: Skitt & Jones's Vistca Vincent

Large well proportioned head with a broad skull and well set eyes. Excels in topline which he keeps on the move, finished off with a lovely tail carriage. Fluid mover coming and going. Coat not at its best.

2nd: Bullock & Keevil's Yazga Love The One You're With

Another very nice dog with a different set of attributes to 1. Good body length and shape. Lovely tight mustard jacket and pleasing head, with large teeth and a dark eye. Also as 1, moved very fluidly.

3rd: Hansford's Cassencarrie Bonnie Lad
Res: Kelly's Swanwillow Jackmanii
VHC: Smethurst's Dawsholm Dapper Davoc
Rolland's Fernroyal Montegue at Dandiroyal

Open Dog

1st: Johnston& Macbeth's Am/CanCh. Gateway Sparks of Glahms

Stunning dog who excels in every way. Good size and body length. The strongest of heads, in excellent proportions, beautifully domed head with a defined stop, and punishing teeth, complemented by a melting expression and finished off with a profuse topnot. Coat at its best and of excellent texture. Movement straight and with drive from his well turned stifles and well let down hocks. Dog CC and Best In Show.

2nd: The late Buist & Jamieson's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt

Another dog with a superb strong head of excellent proportions topped off with a profuse silky topknot. Extremely well put together and a pleasure to run your hands over. Again movement straight and effortless. RCC

3rd: Matthews, Wolfskill & Francis's Am/Can/IrCh. Kings Mtn The Governor
Res: Denham's Scottsbairn Duke Of Ross

Veteran Dog

1st: Mannia's Finloren The Lion In Winter at Kirskill

A nice type of dandie with a lovely disposition. Flowing topline, pleasing head and eye with a great coat. Moved well and in excellent shape for his age.

2nd: MacInnes's Glencobo Wrekin Lad at Bettymac

Oldest exhibit on the day, but in fine fettle, still with an excellent bite and sound movement. A credit to his owner.

3rd: Coleman's Follycott Frank Lee
Res: Milliner's Zanneus Zachary at Millerim

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st: Kerrush's Dentgate Memphis Belle

Very promising. Long and low, raw and rangey. A great reach of neck merging into well laid shoulders.. Dark eye and large teeth forming the correct scissor bite. Her coat excels for 6 months, as does her movement, which covers the ground effortlessly with each stride. Best Puppy in Show.

2nd: Kinsey-Morgan & Hislop's Inzievar Gold Effect

Different type of bitch to 1, but with many redeeming qualities. Very feminine head and expression with a good flowing topline and again in good coat, especially for one so young.

Puppy Bitch

1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Dozen Roses

Nice size and an extremely well balanced baby who oozes femininity. A fabulous head and expression. Shapely topline, which she holds perfectly when on the move. And move she does, straight and with drive.

2nd: Heywood's Cloverwood Day By Day at Schalulleke

Another stunning young lady, slightly longer than 1. Enchantingly feminine with a great head and bite. Superb coat of correct texture and length. Movement straight and true.

3rd: Kinsey-Morgan & Hislop's Inzievar Gold Effect
Res: Ray's Dentgate Sweet Symphony
VHC: Hopper & Trippett's Dentgate Destiny

Junior Bitch

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Seabreeze

Happy young lady in full pencilled coat. Great body length with a strong but feminine head of good proportions. Lovely dark eye and expression. A shapely lady who moved very soundly and effortlessly.

2nd: Booth's Cloverwood Candlelight

Another stunning young lady. Well presented in good coat. Very feminine with a lovely head and melting expression. Moved very well and kept her shapely outline.

3rd: Marshall's Deegandan Lavender of Dun Eideann
Res: Denham's Kirkhalin Starlight Phoebe

Special Yearling Bitch

1st: Bird's Etsill Shapinsay Sound with Birbrinda

A good top line which she held on the move. Good head, with scissor bite and dark eye. Good crisp mustard jacket. Moved well and fluidly.

2nd: Marshall's Deegandan Lavender of Dun Eideann

Novice Bitch

1st: Hopper & Trippett's Dentgate Destiny

A nicely put together bitch with a good head, big teeth and dark eye. Out of coat today.

Graduate Bitch 1st: Bird's Etsill Shapinsay Sound with Birbrinda

2nd: Roberts Fernandez's Hendell Thornbird

Nice sized bitch, with a dark eye and correct scissor bite. A little short of coat as recovering form maternal duties.

Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Hunter's Etsill Inganess Bay

Nice sized bitch with a good head and expression. Pleasing topline and in good coat and moving out well.

2nd: Rolland's Dengold Morning Cloud at Dandiroyal

Again a nice size good head and dark expressive eyes. Shown in a good a good crisp jacket.

3rd: Coleman's Schalulleke Izzydibble

Limit Bitch

1st: Hislop & Chapman-King's Inzievar Royal Silver

Lovely bitch who is put together so well. Lovely front and well laid shoulders merging into a long flowing top line, strong but feminine head and the sweetest of expressions. Moved freely and with purpose.

2nd: Motler's Wazzly Athena

Lovely top line and pencilled coat. Good head with a strong bite and dark eye. Moved well.

3rd: Kerrush's Inzievar Platinum
Res: Bedborough's Puddockswell Gilded Lily from Pitfirrane
VHC: Milliner's Millerim Rubis Jeudi
Bromley's Mishahda Tempting Touch
Hunter's Puddockswell Hootin Annie at Etsill
Coleman's Schalulleke Izzydibble

Open Bitch

1st: Tinsley's Ch. Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle

Where to start? she is absolutely captivating, like admiring an oil painting. Beautifully put together and feminine throughout, so hard to fault. Moves fluidly and straight but also like a real showgirl, which was so eye catching to watch. Bitch CC.

2nd: Chapman-King, Eriksson & Hislop's Ch. Inzievar Gold Touch

Another fabulous bitch. Strong head in excellent proportions but with the most feminine and melting expression. Put together so well with lovely shoulders and front flowing into her shapely top line. Again movement excellent. RCC

3rd: Russell's AusCh. Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill
Res: Mannia's Ch. Wazzly Persephone at Kirskill
VHC: Motler's Ch. Wazzly Aphrodite
Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Edition
Milliner's Dengold Gypsy Moth at Millerim

Veteran Bitch

1st: Bromley's Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble

An unassuming lady with many qualities to like about her. Lovely head and expression, soundest of fronts and shapely topline complemented by well carried tail. Moved very well, pleased to award Best Veteran in Show.

2nd: MacInnes's Bettymac Elizabeth

An old favourite of mine, thoroughly enjoying her day out and moving out so well especially for her age. Nice size with a pretty head and still with all her own teeth.

Dandie most likely to have sat at Sir Walter Scott's feet 1st: Miller's Puddockswell Moonshadow at Dryfevalley
2nd: Bedborough's Hendell Crofter for Pitfirrane
3rd: Oakes & Searle's Brackenford Cameo
Res: Sleight's Cassencarrie Bobby Vee
VHC: Percy's Wazzly Artemis
Bullock & Keevil's Yazga Blues For Mr D
Percy's Peedie Honeydew
MacPherson's Dawsholm Wee Darick
Marshall's Deegandan Lavender of Dun Eideann
Miller's Etsill Northern Lights at Dryfevalley
Riach's Puddockswell Gilded Imp