Windsor Championship Dog Show

Home Park, Windsor, 30th June 2011. Judge: Mrs S A Linter.

Dog CC & BOB

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Morris's Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave

Shore's Swanwillow Sea Captain

Russell's AusCh. Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill

Hughes's Maganbar Apple Blossom

Deacon's Swanwillow Signature

Veteran Dog/Bitch 

1st: Rolland's Fernroyal Montegue at Dandiroyal

Mustard, 7½ years, has nice dark round eye, good bite and strong jaw. Good length to body with correct tailset, well bent stifles and good padded front feet. Moved OK, just a little slack at the rear.

Puppy Dog

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Clarion Call

Mustard, 9 months has good shape to head and lovely silky topknot. Correct bite, good length to neck and correct shape to body, plenty of depth to chest, good overall angulation. Well padded front feet. Moved OK, just needs to tighten in front a little. A promising youngster.

Junior Dog

1st: Morris's Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave

Mustard, stunning looker, beautiful domed head with lovely silky topknot & round dark eye. Well muscled neck with plenty of length, nicely shaped body and good depth of chest, well muscled throughout with good angulation front and rear. Good front and hind movement with plenty of drive from the rear. Shown with lovely crisp mustard coat & in tip-top condition. A picture to see when standing and on the move. CC & BOB.

2nd: Bromley's Mishahda Volcanic Storm

Lovely pepper jacket on this boy, real masculine head with profuse topknot, correct bite, good length to neck and good overall length to body. Well angulated front andrear, sound mover but would prefer better tail carriage.

3rd: Hughes's Maganbar Magic Moment

Postgraduate Dog

1st: Irving's Dandyhow Dexter

Mustard, nicely constructed boy with good head and good shape to body, well muscled shoulders with good angulation. Powerful hindquarters, good positive movement holding his topline and tail carriage well on the move.

2nd: Stone's Ludlay Lord Of The Isles

Good shape to head with plenty of head furnishings, correct bite, good depth to chest, hindquarters well angulated, has good tail carriage. Moved OK, just preferred overall balance and movement of 1.

Limit Dog

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Sea Captain

Mustard, lovely head on this boy with good silky topknot, round dark eye and good bite. Good length to neck and well placed shoulders. True Dandie shape with good topline and tailset, strong powerful hindquarters. True in movement but was a little lacking when it came to the challenge. RCC.

2nd: Bullock & Keevil's Yazga Love The One You're With

Mustard, not quite the head of 1 but has nice dark eye and good ear placement. Correct bite and strong jaw, good length to body with correct tailset. Has good front and rear angulation, moved well with good front and rear action.

Open Dog

1st: Deacon's Carac Most Definitely Cassencarrie

Mustard, close decision between 1 & 2, just preferred this boy’s lovely head with its silky topknot and good round dark eye. Good bite and strong powerful well muscled neck, has good shoulder placement and good length to body. Well muscled hindquarters, good front action and powerful hind action on the move. Good crisp feel to his jacket.

2nd: France's Torbrae Dance 'N' Dazzle

Mustard, well proportioned head and body, good front with plenty of depth to chest, good angulation front and rear. Nice length of body with good topline andtailset. Well padded front feet, moved well with good hind movement.

3rd: Skitt & Jones's Vistca Vincent

Puppy Bitch

1st: Deacon's Swanwillow Signature

Mustard, smart little Dandie, long and low with lovely body shape. Sweet head and expression, dark eye and good bite, good shoulder and rear angulation, lovely rich mustard coat with good texture, moved smartly around the ring. BP.

2nd: Shore's Swanwillow She's Hot

Mustard, litter sister to 1 not quite as finished as her sister at the moment. Nice dark eye, good length of neck and good body shape. Nice topline and good tailset. Moved OK.  Two very nice puppies

3rd: Fry's Inzievar Gold Thread

Junior Bitch

1st: Hughes's Maganbar Apple Blossom

Very smart eye catching little Dandie. Smaller in size than some but has everything in proportion. Sweet feminine head, lovely topknot and good bite, good length of neck with nicely shaped body, well angulated front and rear, well padded front feet and shown in a beautiful mustard crisp jacket. Her movement is a true joy in front and rear, moved around the ring like she owned it. RCC.

2nd: Hamilton's Maganbar Amber Mist over Margham

Not the head shape or furnishings of 1. Nice dark eye and good bite, nice shape to body with good overall balance, good tailset and rear angulation, moved OK. Just needs a little more enthusiasm.

Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Fry's Ludlay Bride Of Lammermoor

Mustard, nicely constructed Dandie with true Dandie expression, lovely dark eye, good body shape and very well muscled throughout, good rear angulation, moves out well with powerful rear drive. Won this class on her movement.

2nd: Milliner's Millerim Rubis Jeudi

Pepper, good domed head and profuse topknot, nice dark eye, good body shape and well balanced throughout. Not in her best jacket, moved well in front, needs to tighten a little at the rear.

3rd: Marshall's Deegandan Lavender of Dun Eideann
Res: Fry's Dentgate Confetti

Limit Bitch

1st: Morris's Pennywave Amaryllis

Beautifully presented and shown with a lovely crisp mustard jacket. Nicely domed head, good round dark eye and good reach of neck. Deep in chest, good topline and tailset, powerful hindquarters, well padded front feet, good stride to movement, pressed hard for RCC.

2nd: Booth's Cloverwood Candlelight

Mustard, pretty bitch, very feminine with nice round and dark eye. Good head and body shape, well angulated front and rear, good tail carriage, moved well. Preferred the overall conformation and finish of 1.

3rd: Milliner's Dengold Gypsy Moth at Millerim

Open Bitch

1st: Russell's AusCh. Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill

Pepper, lovely shape, long low and weasel shape body, just as the Standard calls for. Good domed head and round dark eyes, good length of neck and well placed shoulders, plenty of depth to chest, lovely topline and tail carriage, well bent stifles. Moves with real determination, good action front and rear, true pepper colour and lovely textured coat. CC.