CDDTC Summer Open Show

Moffat Town Hall, 6th August 2011. Judge: Mrs Eva Eriksson (Scottsbairn).


"Firstly I would like to thank the CDDTC Committee for the honour of inviting me to judge my favourite breed, the stewards for supporting me and the exhibitors for making it a memorable day in the scenic town of Moffat.

"It was a real pleasure to go over an entry of 39 lovely dogs  and find the breed essentials in most of them."


Best Dog & BIS

Reserve Best Dog

Best Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Puppy

Best Veteran

Hunter's Etsill Scapa Flow

Shore's Swanwillow Clarion Call

Hunter's Puddockswell Hootin' Annie at Etsill

Shore's Swanwillow She's Hot

Shore's Swanwillow She's Hot

MacInnes's Glencobo Wrekin Lad at Bettymac

Puppy Dog

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Clarion Call

11 mths quality mustard, up to size. Lovely outline, clean shoulder, good length of back.  Strong head, dark eyes, correct mouth. Moved soundly. Interesting to see his future.

Postgraduate Dog

1st: Miller's Puddockswell Moon Shadow at Dryfevalley

Strong head, round dark eye, correct mouth, lovely pepper coat, moved and showed well.

2nd: Bedborough's Hendell Crofter for Pitfirrane

Nice head, dark round eye, correct bite. Lovely rich pepper coat.  Moved and showed well.

3rd: Knapper's Maganbar Applejack
Res: MacPherson's Dawsholm Wee Darick

Limit Dog

1st: Hunter's Etsill Scapa Flow

Very classic quality pepper of good size. Lovely head, strong skull, dark round eye, correct mouth. Balanced. Good angulation, clean shoulder, good ribbing, nicely shaped topline and tailset. Lovely pepper coat in good condition. Moved with purpose,  showed well. BD & BIS.

2nd: Hansford's Cassencarrie Bonnie Lad

Lovely pepper dog in nice coat and condition. Nice head and expression, dark eye, good mouth. Nice length of body, good ribbing. Moved and showed well.

3rd: Smethurst's Dawsholm Dapper Davoc
Res: MacPherson's Dawsholm Wee Darick

Open Dog

1st: Skitt & Jones's Ch. Vistca Vincent

Quality Mustard. Good size with a lot to like. Lovely head and expression, good mouth. A touch upright in shoulder. Nice topline and tailset. Good coat colour and texture.  Moved and showed well.

Veteran Dog

1st: MacInnes's Glencobo Wrekin Lad at Bettymac

12 year old pepper dog in very good condition. Good head, excellent bite. Lovely crisp coat. Sound mover. Lovely to see an old dog in such a good condition. A credit to his owner.

Puppy Bitch

1st: Shore's Swanwillow She's Hot

Lovely youngster litter sister of  best puppy dog. Lovely head and expression. Dark round eyes set wide apart. Good reach of neck, clean shoulder, nice length of back. Happy and confident. Moves soundly with drive. A promising bitch. BP.

2nd: Smith's Glendandy Twinkle Star

Mustard bitch in good coat and colour. Moves well.

Junior Bitch

1st: Kinsey-Morgan & Hislop's Inzievar Gold Effect

Nice bitch in rich mustard jacket. Lovely head and expression , good skull, dark round eye, correct mouth. Nice topline, clean shoulder well angulated. Moves soundly with purpose.

2nd: Denham's Dentgate Summer Breeze

Feminine quality pepper in good size. Very good domed skull, dark round eye, correct mouth. Nice strong pepper coat. Clean shoulders, lovely  outline. Moves well . She needs to gain more ring confidence. Promising bitch.

3rd: Cranson's Hewbay Tinker's Girl
Res: Lowe's Dentgate Summer Sunset

Novice Bitch

1st: Lowe's Dentgate Summer Sunset

Mustard bitch up to size. Good head and expression.  Nice temperament. Moves well.

2nd: MacInnes's Bettymac Mustard Seed

Mustard bitch in good coat.  Dark eyes, correct mouth. Moves well.

Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Ray's Dentgate Sweet Symphony

Lovely mustard bitch with a lot to like. Very strong head, domed skull, dark round eye, correct bite. Nice outline and topline. Clean shoulder, correct tailset. Moved with purpose and showed well. Promising bitch.

2nd: Denham's Kirkhalin Starlight Phoebe

Nice pepper  bitch in good size with strong head and skull, dark eye, correct bite. Nice topline, correct ribbing, nice length of back. Beautiful pepper coat.

3rd: Marshall's Deegandan Lavender of Dun Eideann

Limit Bitch

1st: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Edition

Mustard bitch of good size, nice head and expression, dark eyes, correct bite. Clean shoulder. Correct topline. Moved and showed well.

2nd: Hunter's Etsill Inganess Bay

Nice pepper bitch. Strong head, dark, wideset,round eye. Good length of back. Moved and showed well.

Open Bitch

1st: Hunter's Puddockswell Hootin' Annie at Etsill

Feminine classic mustard bitch in good size. Good head, dark eyes, correct mouth. Fine ears. Nice outline with good length of back. Balanced. Moved soundly and showed well. BB.

2nd: Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star

Nice bitch in rich mustard jacket. Good head and expression. Dark round eyes, correct mouth. Good ribbing and length of back. Well angulated. Moves well.

3rd: Denham's Dentgate Serendipity
Res: Smith's Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy
VHC: MacInnes's Bettymac Jenny Wren

Veteran Bitch

1st: MacInnes's Bettymac Elizabeth

11yrs old happy pepper bitch. Nice size, good head, eye and mouth for her age.  A credit to her owner.

2nd: Roberts's Oakseal Zodiac

Another happy 10 yr old girl who was a challenge for her owner to show. Still full of life.