Windsor Championship Dog Show

Home Park, Windsor, 1st July. Judge: Mrs Jackie Shore (Swanwillow).


"This was a small but representative entry, my over-riding impression was of Dandies of correct size, typical heads in good coat, although some lacked undercoat. My main worry was short necks, the standard doesn't call for a long neck but neither do we want them to be short and stuffy, heavy fronts and some moving wide in front. There were also some very light eyes which totally spoils that lovely soft melting expression that is so appealing."

Dog CC & BOB

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Tinsley's Cloverwood Royal George

Deacon & Pearce's Cassencarrie I Kid You Not

Deacon's Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave

Tinsley's Cloverwood Dozen Roses

Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger

Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st: Morris's Hendell Tassell at Pennywave

Mustard, 7 yrs. Lovely typical B in excellent condition nicely domed and  proportioned head, dark eye good bite,correct body shape, moved well both fore and aft.

Puppy Dog

Two very promising puppies both very immature

1st: Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger

At 7mths a very  smart confident mustard puppy, of good size. Good front, shoulder and topline, feet could be tighter. Appealing head and expression in good coat, he showed and moved very well.

2nd: Keevil & Bullock's Yazga Into The Mystic

Pepper in excellent double coat, good size, appealing masculine head, dark eye, good bite. Correct topline and tailset, which when he gains confidence will use better on the move.

Junior Dog

1st: Deacon & Pearce's Cassencarrie I Kid You Not

At 13 mths this a quality mustard youngster, in first class coat, he has that expression that he's seen and done it all, excellent proportioned head, good bite, fine ears, good furnished topknot. Good shoulder,topline and tailset, stands on thickly padded tight feet. Had no trouble covering the ground both ways, very nice prospect. RDCC.

2nd: Bird's Birbrinda Scottish Water

Mustard not as forward as 1, coat coming through nicely,correct topline and tailset, neat front, nicely balanced dog height to length. Correctly proportioned head, good bite,nicely furnished head for age, dark eye. Moved happily around the ring.

Limit Dog

1st: Bromley's Mishahda Volcanic Storm

Pepper I have judged before as a puppy and he is maturing nicely, large masculine head covered in silky topnot, strong jaws and big teeth. Dark eye and low set ears. Strong neck set into good shoulders, topline would be enhanced by a little more length and lower set tail, but he covers the ground well.

2nd: Bullock & Keevil's Yazga Love The One You're With

Mustard, Smaller than 1 and better balanced height to length, appealing head and expression good bite, correct topline and tailset, feet could be tighter. Covered in quality mustard jacket. Not happy with the blustery conditions, although he moved soundly behind.

Open Dog

1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Royal George

Quality mustard, strong domed head, low set fine ears, good bite and deep muzzle. Strong neck set into good shoulder, he stands on thickly padded feet.Ribbed well back, with flowing topline and good hindquarters he moved and showed very well in the blustery conditions, in short quality mustard coat and well furnished topnot, a balanced complete picture. DCC & BOB.

2nd: Deacon's Ch. Carac Most Definitely Cassencarrie

Mustard, a size bigger than 1 he is a well muscled all male dog, excellent head proportions appealing expression, strong jaw and big teeth, good topline and tailset, well ribbed back, in good crisp jacket. He moved soundly, but didn't like the windy conditions so didn't use his tail as he can.

3rd: Morris's Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave
Res: Kania-Huebner & Huebner's Yazga Shining Light

Puppy Bitch

1st: Keevil & Bullock's Yazga Turbulent Indigo

Small pepper of good length, appealing head and dark eye, ears could be slightly longer, good bite. Topnot still to clear, but with such a good pepper coat will be worth the wait. Stands well on good legs and feet, with good topline and tailset. When she got her act together moved well.

Junior Bitch

1st: Bromley's Cassencarrie Going Back to Mishahda

Pepper nicely balanced youngster with good topline and tailset, correctly proportioned head with good bite big teeth and silky topnot. Straight front, tight feet, well muscled hindquarters. Moves and shows very well.

Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Fry's Inzievar Gold Thread

A bitch of good size, feminine, with nice eye, well furnished head and low set ears. Shoulders could be better and stood rather wide in front, but moved well behind. Typical topline and tailset, showed very well. In good new coat.

2nd: Hamilton's Maganbar Amber Mist over Margham

Nice type of bitch standing higher on the leg than 1 she has a lovely feminine head and melting expression, good topline and tailset, standing on good legs and tight feet, moving soundly will do better when she has a new coat.

Limit Bitch

1st: Bird's Etsill Shapinsay Sound with Birbrinda

Nicely balanced mustard in good coat, good topline and tailset feminine head of correct proportions, low set ears,. Straight front, feet could be tighter. Moved and showed very well.

2nd: Fry's Dentgate Confetti

Pepper of correct size good length, well ribbed back, correct topline a little swamped by too much coat. Head of good proportions, good bite, topnot needs a bit more finish. Happy showgirl moved well.

Open Bitch

1st: Deacon's Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave

Lovely active pepper bitch whose outline is classic, excellent topline and tailset, correct size, feminine head domed skull, deep muzzle, fine ears. Dark melting eyes. Moves soundly on the best of legs and feet, in quality pepper coat. BCC.

2nd: Tinsley's Cloverwood Dozen Roses

Another quality bitch unlucky to meet 1 in such good form, very feminine head, with domed skull,  deep muzzle and good bite. Would like a shade more length, but she has a good topline and tailset and is well ribbed. Moved very well on good legs and feet. RBCC.

3rd: Morris's Pennywave Amaryllis