DDTC Championship Show

Rixton with Glazebrook, 13th July 2014. Judge: Mrs C E Cartledge (Ryslip)


"The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club held a 24-class ch show at Rixton with Glazebrook Community Hall, Rixton, near Warrington, with an excellent entry of 53 from 46 dogs, sadly there were a number of absentees. "The star of the show was undoubtedly Cloverwood Totally Devoted, at her first show and winning BIS. Not a bad debut but one most befitting a daughter of Ch Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle, a big favourite of mine when she made the going hot in the terrier groups a couple of years ago; RBIS went to another Cloverwood bitch, C Five Stars, who had earlier won the hottest class of the day (OB). Inzievar Silver And Gold was BOS winning his first CC after a few RCCs. BP was a mustard bitch, Cloverwood Edged In Gold; and BV, Dengold Nerys, also a bitch, so it was a good day for the girls. "I always knew I would really enjoy this appointment as Dandies are so charming and easy to fall for. It is their expressive eyes that are so irresistible, warm, affectionate and full of goodwill. You could never be in a bad mood with Dandies around and I spent a very happy few hours with the breed. "The dogs were rather thin on the ground but I found plenty of talent for the main awards. The bitches were stronger in quality and much more even in type. "I greatly appreciated the opportunity to judge the breed at club ch level. Chairman Paul Eardley had everything running smoothly. I enjoyed talking to the club’s president, Janet Roslyn, who was in charge of the impressive silent auction of some interesting memorabilia. There were a few with rather gay tails on the move, some failed in toplines and others were just that bit too long in body for correct balance. It goes without saying that temperaments were fantastic, coats and presentation were quite good, this was such a happy day for me."


Dog CC

Res Dog CC

Bitch CC & BIS


Best Puppy

Best Veteran

Kerrush's Inzievar Silver And Gold

Deacon & Hill's Cassencarrie Choirmaster

Tinsley's Cloverwood Totally Devoted

Corish's Cloverwood Five Stars

Tinsley's Cloverwood Edged In Gold

Gibson's Dengold Nerys

Winners photo

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith
8 months mustard, delightful puppy, totally relaxed and comfortable about it all, broad skull, eyes full of expression, well conditioned with good topline, moved and showed nicely. Waiting for his adult coat.
Inzievar The Goldsmith

Puppy Dog 1st: Rolland's Dandiroyal Diggory Delvet
10 months mustard, great character, we had a lengthy conversation on the table. Soulful eyes and expression, excellent coat and presentation, good bone. Going a little wide behind but better in front than 2. Showed with style.
Dandiroyal Diggory Delvet
2nd: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith Inzievar The Goldsmith

Junior Dog 1st: Noble's Hawkesmill Indiana
13 months, well schooled showman who did his best to impress both standing and moving. Quality head, expressive eyes, very well presented coat, good topline on the move, showy and cooperative.
Hawkesmill Indiana
2nd: Bell's Hawkesmill Indigo
Litter brother to 1, charming personality who never stopped wagging, large expressive eyes, good bone and body, happy showman. Moved OK but not as together as his brother. Both carried their tails a bit high going round.
Hawkesmill Indigo from Reidswire

Novice Dog 1st: Rolland's Dandiroyal Diggory Delvet Dandiroyal Diggory Delvet
2nd: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith Inzievar The Goldsmith

Limit Dog 1st: Deacon & Hill's Cassencarrie Choirmaster
18 months pepper, best so far today. Very good head and eyes, excellent coat, sturdy body, well proportioned, excellent quality and type, sound mover, well turned out, steady showman. In the challenge the OD winner used his neck to better advantage.
2nd: Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger
2½ years mustard, another full of character, in excellent condition. Most attractive head, large eyes, good ribcage, moved with confidence but very gay tail on the move.
Pennywave Lone Ranger

Open Dog 1st: Kerrush's Inzievar Silver And Gold
Masculine 2 year old, up to size but everything in proportion. Very positive and happy showman, clearly thrives on human company and as much attention as possible. Ample bone, all male head, eyes full of expression, broad skull, well domed forehead, well sprung ribs, strong body and quarters, good rear propulsion, well presented coat.
Inzievar Silver And Gold
2nd: Deacon & Pearce's Ch. Cassencarrie I Kid You Not
3 years mustard, good honest dog with excellent coat texture. Pleasing head and eyes, fit and well conditioned. Bit proud of his tail on the move and topline not as good as 1.
3rd: Bromley's Mishahda Volcanic Storm Mishahda Volcanic Storm

Veteran Dog 1st: Cadwallader's Bettymac Sun Samba
Nearly 9 years, Dandie make and shape but not colour. Could move with a bit more animation. Kind expression, still quite a good topline. Coat very soft.
Bettymac Sun Samba

Veteran Bitch 1st: Gibson's Dengold Nerys
12 years pepper, a bit slack in feet but a good old girl, game and showy, feminine head, high spirited.
Dengold Nerys
2nd: Smith's Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy
7 years mustard who had plenty to say for herself. Large expressive eyes, demanding attention. Topline quite level. Needs more arch over the loin.
Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st: Jacka-Slater's Cloverwood Royal Rhea
7 months pepper, feminine and full of charm, good coat and body, sensible showgirl who appeared to know exactly what this was all about. Well proportioned head, dark sparkling eyes, well conditioned. Just needs to grow on a bit.
Cloverwood Royal Rhea
2nd: Miller's Dryfevalley Minnie The Minx
8 months mustard, good coat, body and condition, attractive head, expressive eyes, happy showgirl.
Dryfevalley Minnie The Minx

Puppy Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Edged In Gold
9 months mustard, real eye catcher, well boned and proportioned, excellent jacket, sturdy body, typical head, good expression, well handled. Trotted her stuff with dignity and style. Could have a shade more power behind but that will come with maturity.
Cloverwood Edged In Gold
2nd: Rolland's Dandiroyal Puddleglum
Litter sister to PD and very similar in character, another chatterbox, pleasing head, lovely eyes, good bone, moved well, strong body. For me she looked just a shade too long but as she matures and fills out she will, I’m sure, look more balanced. Two very good puppies. I just preferred the shape and proportions of 1.
Dandiroyal Puddleglum
3rd: Youngs's Dentgate Opal
11 months with a will of her own. Feminine head, good coat, moving a bit close behind. Improved her performance in NB which she won.
Dentgate Opal

Junior Bitch 1st: Russell's Hawkesmill Ishbelle
13 months, litter sister to the 2 Junior dogs, promising pepper, quality head, dark eyes, well coated and presented, correct arch over the loin, good outline, moved and showed well. What a good litter this must have been.
Hawkesmill Ishbelle

Yearling Bitch 1st: Bell's Lannia Harvest Charm
By same sire as the Juniors I liked. A little lean in condition today. Happy cooperative showgirl, excellent coat, attractive head, good topline, eager to please.
Lannia Harvest Charm from Reidswire
2nd: Allan's Dalmuster Serene Princess
20 months, in contrast this one was carrying a little surplus weight, not helping her handler as she was pulling away on the lead when moving. Typical head, good bone and coat. Just not in the mood today.
Dalmuster Serene Princess

Novice Bitch 1st: Youngs's Dentgate Opal Dentgate Opal
2nd: Allan's Dalmuster Serene Princess Dalmuster Serene Princess

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Totally Devoted
I wasn’t expecting the jewel in the crown to appear in a PG class but that is just what happened. 2 years, classy pepper in great form, a face to die for, gorgeous eyes and expression, just right for proportions and balance, excellent bone, legs and feet, correct coat, firm body, good topline, well carried tail, moved freely. Hard to believe this was her first ever show as she was on the ball and showed like an experienced show dog – must be in the genes as Lemon Drizzle was a natural show stealer too. How I wish she was mine. CC & BIS.
Cloverwood Totally Devoted
2nd: Deacon's Cassencarrie Party Games
23 months mustard, half sister to 2nd in OD, attractive head, short strong legs, weaselly body, excellent coat, moved well behind. Feeling the heat.

Limit Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Drama Queen
3 years pepper. I liked her balance and overall shape, lovely head, dignified expression, showed with composure and moved very well, great silhouette. Coat not at its best.
Cloverwood Drama Queen
2nd: Bell's Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence
4 years, good body, well sprung ribs, well fitting coat, happy showgirl but failed in front movement. Preferred head and expression of 1.
Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence from Reidswire

Open Bitch 1st: Corish's Cloverwood Five Stars
20 months pepper, comfortable winner, I thought. Lovely quality youngster, already an accomplished showgirl, sure footed and confident, delightful personality but I could happily say that about nearly every Dandie I judged today. Correct topline, broad skull, well domed forehead, wise expression, excellent bone, moved well, beautifully turned out, very good coat, strong quarters. It was an absolute joy to watch the 3 winners from PG, L & O go round when competing for the CC, talk about peas in a pod.
Cloverwood Five Stars
2nd: Russell's Ch/Aus Ch. Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill
5½ years, I have already given her a CC at muddy Blackpool. Workmanlike bitch who has also proved herself in the nursery as I judged 3 of her offspring today. Pleasing head and expression, good topline and coat texture. Doesn’t want to carry any more weight. Not going as well in front as 1. Well handled.
Jollygaze Hopeless Romantic for Hawkesmill
3rd: Rolland's Clossongrey Marshwiggle Clossongrey Marshwiggle Dandiroyal
Res: Bromley's Cassencarrie Going Back to Mishahda Cassencarrie Going Back to Mishahda
VHC: Henry's Deegandan Grace Darling at Trinzy
Smith's Glendandy Twinkle Star Glendandy Twinkle Star

Brace 1st: Bell's Bell's
2nd: Smith's Smith's





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