Ladies Kennel Association

Ladies Kennel Association, December 2013. Judge: Mr Albert Wight (Sharval).


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Best Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Puppy

Tinsley's Ch. Cloverwood Royal George

Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger

Tinsley's Cloverwood Drama Queen

Kurg's Etsill Skara Brae

Russell's Hawkesmill Ishbelle

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: O`Malley's Waitensee Charlie Farley
Up to size but I felt he had the better head, eyes and expression. He is well ribbed, lots of substance and a decent spring of rib. A degree of rise over the loin, well set tail and good coat texture. Was the steadier of the two in action.
2nd: Bell's Hawkesmill Indigo
Much smaller and just a babe of 6 months and he is lacking spring of rib and coat. I liked his size and length balance, he does have that slight dip behind the withers and his head and expression were fine. Needs ring training as he joined the ‘nose down, bums high’ brigade as he went around the ring, making his action hard to assess.

Junior Dog 1st: Gregg's Dariant Lui Vencedor De Mi Soul at Bambusa
I liked the head properties, eyes and expression on this mustard youngster. He has a really good neck and head carriage, is well ribbed. Back a little flat so the typical backline is not there but he moved out with an event action and was well handled
2nd: Hayes & Harrod's Etsill Rognvald
Pepper, well domed skull, ample strength in muzzle, eyes a shade on the hull side for me which detracted from his expression and I would like his ears to lie closer to his faced. He was in good coat, has a divine temperament and strutted his stuff with confidence.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger
A bit of a problem for me as I did like his head and expression, beautiful eyes, well domed head and lovely ears. He has enough neck and holds himself well on the move. Backline a little flat and he could drive a little more from his hocks as he circles the ring. However, he is a well balanced chap, was in good coat and well presented.

Open Dog 1st: Tinsley's Ch. Cloverwood Royal George
Big winning mustard dog with an air of obvious class, screams breed type, glorious headpiece, stunning expression and his body/wither height proportions are spot on for balance. Sound as they come he has an air of supreme confidence and moves around the ring with such drive and energy. Immaculate in presentation he was an easy BOB.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st: Russell's Hawkesmill Ishbelle
Ultra feminine little madam with the most appealing head and expression. Loved her eyes and that ‘Dandie’ look. She does have a lovely backline which was so missing today, is nicely ribbed with a well set neck of decent length, and has a good bend of stifle to strong hocks. Has a long way to go, but the look is there and she will appeal to most with that gaze.
2nd: O`Malley's Belapapavo Aleka Allamanda
Not in the show bloom of the winner, coat a bit ragged at present but she handles well on the table. Well bodied with such a good ribcage, decent dip and arch over the loin leading to a well set tail. Pleasing head, eyes and expression and she is such a happy person. Another whose action was hard to assess as she was Bloodhound impersonating – nose down, tail wagging!

Junior Bitch 1st: Kurg's Etsill Skara Brae
I liked her a lot. So very feminine, could perhaps have a tad more substance but she is so balanced, lovely proportions, super neck and topline, lovely feet and that really winning expression from such beautiful eyes and a good skull. She was so steady and sound in action.
2nd: Bell's Lannia Harvest Charm
Mustard who is lacking in body at present. She has a nice headpiece, good eyes and a decent foreface. Backline a bit flat and she needs to strengthen in hock. Steady in profile action and a lovely temperament.
3rd: Nice's Cassencarrie Cleo Rose

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Drama Queen
What a charming pepper this is. The typical quality head and expression we expect from this affix, lovely size and weight of bone for her sex, excellent quality coat, super backline with that so desired slight arch and powerful hindquarters. Her coat was flawless in presentation and she moved around the ring with a light, positive action. I see she is a half sister to the BOB and hopefully she will emulate him to her title.
2nd: O`Malley's Florencemoon Mrs Pepperpot
Not in the coat condition and presentation of Queen but I did like her eyes, so soft, bright and wise. Good skull, nice neck, shade overlong in body, but she has tight feet and is pretty active on the move.