CDDTC Summer Open Show

Moffat Town Hall, 4th August 2013. Judge: Mr Mark Ord.

Thank you to the dedicated committee of this club for inviting me to judge. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the lovely atmosphere ring side. I was pleased with my main winners and today thought the quality was more evident in the bitches. Coats were varied but you have to accept this in terrier breeds and judge the whole dog on the day and how it performs before you.


Best Dog

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Best Bitch & BOB

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Puppy

Best Veteran

Kerrush's Inzievar Silver And Gold

Riach's Puddockswell Gilded Imp

Kinsey-Morgan & Hislop's Inzievar Gold Effect

Denham's Dentgate Hollyberries

Denham's Dentgate Hollyberries

Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: Doyle's Dentgate Jackfrost at Ilexquercus
Mustard with good head, neck and body, in good coat, nice front and moved well to win class over litter brother who was also of nice proportions and in good coat but not happy to let me see him move today.
2nd: Watson's Dentgate Noel

Puppy Dog 1st: Doyle's Dentgate Jackfrost at Ilexquercus
2nd: Watson's Dentgate Noel

Junior Dog 1st: Kerrush's Inzievar Silver And Gold
Pepper, masculine head with correct topknot, good eye and ear placement, good dentition, strong neck into good shoulder , chest well down, good ribbing and loin, correct body shape, tail of right length and carried correctly, excellent quarters which he certainly uses on move. In good coat and first class condition, presented and handled to perfection. Stood presents a first class dog but on the move he is outstanding.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: MacPherson's Dawsholm Wee Darick
Pepper in good coat of correct texture, a little lethargic on the move but scored over 2 for body shape, typical head with good ear placement and eyes wide apart and round.
2nd: Knapper's Maganbar Applejack
Mustard with crisp coat, good head and chest well down, moved out well both ways, correct tail shape and set.

Limit Dog 1st: Riach's Puddockswell Moon Dance
Pepper, 2nd had the better coat today but loved the body shape and outline of 1, good headed dog with strong neck leading to a good front, body strong and flexible, correct rib and arch over loin, good quarters and moved well.
2nd: Miller's Puddockswell Moon Shadow at Dryfevalley
Pepper dog older than 1 and not as sprightly on the move today, lovely crisp coat and silky topknot, typical head, eye and ear placement.

Open Dog 1st: Riach's Puddockswell Gilded Imp
Mustard, mature but still has lovely body outline, skull nice and broad between ears, good round eye and well shaped ear which is correctly set. Moved true fore and aft, lovely body shape, good rib and strong quarters, well developed thigh, tail of good length and well carried.

Veteran Dog 1st: MacInnes's Glencobo Wrekin Lad at Bettymac
This lad got great applause ringside, almost 15 years old, a credit to his owner, good head, coat not at its best but in good condition.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Denham's Dentgate Hollyberries
Pepper of quality to win this good class of youngsters. Good shaped head and profuse silky hair, body hair crisp and good undercoat, strong neck into good shoulder and upper arm, strong deep chest and good rib, well developed thigh and good tail, very promising youngster.
2nd: Kurg's Etsill Skara Brae
Another nice pepper, smaller than 1 but still of good balance and well proportioned, liked her chest, rib and loin, moved well fore and aft and carried her tail correctly. In good coat and condition.
3rd: Bell's Lannia Harvest Charm

Junior Bitch 1st: Denham's Dentgate Royal Jubilee
Pepper little short of coat today but another quality bitch from this breeder. Correct head and body shape, moved well but not as confident or settled as her kennel mate. Did not seem relaxed on the stack.

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Jarvis's Inzievar Summer Gold at Mosterlada
Litter sister to my Best Dog, a quality bitch with most lovely expression, good strong jaw and good skull, not in best jacket today but was evidence of correct texture. Moved very true fore and aft, excellent body and strong quarters.
2nd: Miller's Puddockswell Moon Whisper at Dryfevalley
Pepper, in good coat and strong condition. Lovely head, eye and ear, good strong bite. Crisp coat and good undercoat, strong quarters, good tail, liked a lot but slouching on stack.
3rd: Derry's Vistca's Voodoo

Limit Bitch 1st: Miller's Puddockswell Truly Scrumptious at Dryfevalley
Mustard in excellent coat, correct head and expression, strong neck and good shoulder, lovely sound front. Strong flexible body and good mover fore and aft, good quarters and feet, promising bitch I liked a lot.
2nd: Bell's Kirkhalin Mystic Prudence
Nice shaped pepper who could not match 1 on movement, typical head, good body shape and good feet, tail well shaped and set.
3rd: Deegandan Lavender of Duneideann

Open Bitch 1st: Kinsey-Morgan & Hislop's Inzievar Gold Effect
Mustard who I have never seen look better than today. Presented to perfection in good hard condition with coat of excellent texture. Lovely head shape with super topknot, well developed, muscular neck, good shoulder and feet. Deep chest, lovely body shape and outline, well developed quarters. Moved true fore and aft, correct tail. Very typical breed type and no exaggerations.
2nd: Marshall's Duneideann First Edition
Pepper, first class girl but unfortunately out of coat today, superb head, eye , ear and expression, strong neck and good shoulder, chest well down, in good hard condition, correct quarters, moved with verve, good tail length, set and carriage.
3rd: Smith's Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy

Veteran Bitch 1st: Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star
Mustard, good head, eye and expression, lovely body shape, good tail. Moved like a youngster to take Best Veteran.