Border Union

Springwood Park, Kelso, 20th June 2015. Judge: Mr Alan Curry (Lodore).

"Many of the exhibits found it difficult to move on the grass surface which suggests that insufficient training had been given prior to the show. It is difficult to assess movement when dogs are hopping around the ring!"


Dog CC & BOB

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Best Veteran

Kerrush's Micklam Jack Point

Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith

Ray's Dentgate Sweet Symphony

Chapman-King's Inzievar Gold Spark

Sleight's Bonnybeck Shimmering Brook

Buckley's Puddockswell Sweet Phoebe

Puppy Dog 1st: Booth's Borderstone Kingman
9 months pepper, impressed in head, well constructed front and good length of body. Strong quarters, moved well when settled.
2nd: Wager's Inzievar Border Silver
Not so forward as 1. Good head and reach of neck, weasely body. Will benefit from attention to coat. Sound.
3rd: Skitt & Stanford's Dainty Dandies King Of My Castle

Junior Dog 1st: Kerrush's Micklam Jack Point
Lovely make and shape, presented in super coat and condition, balanced head, clean neck, long body with well sprung ribs strong quarters, moved and shown well. CC & BOB.
2nd: Kurg's Hawkesmill Jefferson at Etsill
Lacks the maturity of 1. Typical head and expression, good front angulation and well ribbed, moved soundly.

Novice Dog 3rd: Meadows's Florencemoon Meadow Sun

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith
Mustard, nice type of dog, lovely head and eye, clean neck, long body of correct shape, well developed quarters, shown in good coat and condition. Sound. RCC.
2nd: Buckley's Dentgate Celebration
Balanced head, strong neck, well laid shoulders, weasely shaped body, shown in good coat, moved out well.
3rd: Doyle's Dentgate Jackfrost at Ilexquercus
Res: Watson's Dentgate Noel

Limit Dog 1st: Bell's Hawkesmill Indigo from Reidswire
2 years old pepper of good breed type. Smaller than some but presents a balanced outline. Good head proportions and correct body shape, moved out well.
2nd: Sleight's Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay
Nice dog with pleasing head and body shape, moved soundly. Needs new coat.
3rd: Riach's Puddockswell Moon Dance

Open Dog 1st: Bromley's Mishahda Volcanic Storm
Lovely strong balanced head, clean neck and long body, well developed quarters which he used to move out soundly.
2nd: Tinsley's German Dandies' Terence Hill at Cloverwood
Head of good proportions, well laid shoulders and good body length. Presented in good coat & condition. Not happy on the move today.

Veteran Dog 1st: Riach's Puddockswell Gilded Imp
8 years old mustard, pleasing head, good reach of neck, weasely body shape, nicely angulated front and rear, sound.
2nd: Hansford's Cassencarrie Bonnie Lad
Carrying a little too much weight which spoilt his outline but a balanced, good dog who moved out well and enjoyed his day.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Sleight's Bonnybeck Shimmering Brook
7 months old pepper, balanced head with feminine expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and good body proportions. Nice sized bitch, moved and shown well. BP.
2nd: Shore's Mishahda Golden Chestnut at Swanwillow
Head of good proportions, clean neck, long body, well ribbed, presented in hard condition. Not as positive in front as 1.
3rd: Bromley's Mishahda Vibrant Amber
Res: Bell's Dandiroyal Rita Skeeter
VHC: Cox-Purcell's Dryfevalley Truly Violet

Junior Bitch 1st: Milton's Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
Bitch of good size with lovely head and dark eye, strong neck set into well laid shoulders, correct body shape and strong quarters. Presented in super coat and condition, moved out well.
2nd: Denham's Alltallach Early Snow Drop
Super head and front, well ribbed, long weasely body, moved soundly.
3rd: Saville's Puddockswell Dot Cotton at Darcellie

Novice Bitch 1st: Riach's Puddockswell Shadow Weaver
18 months pepper, nice size and overall shape, pleasing head, clean neck, strong quarters. Unsettled on the move.
2nd: Cox-Purcell's Puddockswell Hocus Pocus
Litter sister to 1, many of same comments apply. Not so well presented.
3rd: Saville's Puddockswell Dot Cotton at Darcellie
Res: Allan's Dalmuster Serene Princess

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Denham's Dentgate Fire Opal
Balanced bitch with lovely feminine head and expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, long strong body and good quarters, moved and shown well.
2nd: Miller's Dryfevalley Minnie The Minx
Has not the head of 1. Good body shape and well angulated front and rear, presented in good coat, moved soundly.
3rd: Skitt & Marshall's German Dandies' Trixibelle
Res: Cox-Purcell's Puddockswell Hocus Pocus
VHC: King's Bonnybeck Delilah Creek

Limit Bitch 1st: Chapman-King's Inzievar Gold Spark
Balanced bitch of good size, lovely balanced head, clean neck, well laid shoulders, chest well let down and correct body shape. Presented in A1 condition and moved soundly. RCC.
2nd: Russell's Hawkesmill Ishbelle
Pepper, slightly smaller than 1. Pleasing head and overall make and shape. Not so free on the move as 1.
3rd: Tinsley's Cloverwood Totally Devoted
Res: Dunipace's Hawkesmill Iolanthe

Open Bitch 1st: Ray's Dentgate Sweet Symphony
A bitch I have awarded a RCC to previously. Today she was presented in sparkling condition and moved out freely and soundly. I was pleased to award her the CC, her third, well done.
2nd: Jarvis's Inzievar Summer Gold at Mosterlada
Mature bitch of good breed type, balanced head, correct body shape and strong quarters. Presented in good coat and condition. Sound.
3rd: Tinsley's Cloverwood Drama Queen
Res: Kurg's Etsill Skara Brae
VHC: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Effect

Veteran Bitch 1st: Buckley's Puddockswell Sweet Phoebe
Mustard bitch, balanced head and weasley body, in super coat and well shown by her young handler. BV.
2nd: Chapman-King's Inzievar Gold Edition
Nice sized bitch, pleasing head and good reach of neck, well angulated, moved out soundly.
3rd: Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star