CDDTC Autumn Open Show

Moffatt Town Hall, 18th October 2015. Judge: Mrs Margaret Russell (Hawkesmill).

"Firstly my thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge this second open show of the year but most importantly you the exhibitors for allowing me to go over your dogs.
"I found only one level mouth. Some heads could have been a little larger and some who's muzzle to skull proportions were even in ratio rather than the 3 is to 5. I didn't find any thin feet.
"A few dogs as they moved away moved closer behind. One or two appeared rather upright in shoulder and lacking in fore chest."


Best Dog

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Best Bitch & BIS

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Best Puppy

Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith

Booth's Borderstone Kingman

Ray's Ch. Dentgate Sweet Symphony

Miller's Dryfevalley Minnie The Minx

Sleight's Bonnybeck Shimmering Brook

Junior Dog 1st: Booth's Borderstone Kingman
Pepper dog, pleasing in head with correct muzzle / skull ratio. He was a lovely length in body, long low and weasley with a good crisp but short coat. Shoulders were well set, when viewed from behind he moved in a straight plane from hip to pad. Res BD.
2nd: Small's Bettymac Dram O'Dalwhinnie
Under all that coat is a really nice well shaped dog with a good front length of body and slight slope to the croup which aided his correct tail set. Today he lost out to 1 on movement from behind.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Sleight's Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay
Good mustard coat on a strong well muscled body. He had a better length of body than 2. His head needs to develop to be in balance with his muzzle - they are even just now.
2nd: Watson's Dentgate Noel
A strong muzzle on this pepper dog, though his head could be larger. He didn't have the length of 1 though was moving well with his handler. He would benefit from being a little slimmer to show off a waist. This would give the appearance of a more shapely body.

Limit Dog 1st: Kerrush's Micklam Jack Point
A good evenly coloured mustard coat, a little short today but coming through crisp on his long body. Deep chest, legs well set back. Large head and strong muzzle. Well placed eyes. Good shoulder placement and well angled at the rear.
2nd: Riach's Puddockswell Moon Dance
Not the head proportions of 1 and a little shorter in neck. He had a good jacket on his correct top line and tail set. He was a bit wider in front. A most delightful temperament.

Open Dog 1st: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith
Liked him as soon as he walked in the ring. Smaller mustard dog who had a good crisp evenly coloured coat. Dark, well placed eyes. I like his front assembly, long neck into good top line in a long shapely body with a correct tail set carried not too high. Having a flowing movement from the well shaped rear. Presented cleanly and in good order. BD, RBIS.
2nd: Watson's Dentgate Noel

Veteran Dog 1st: Riach's Puddockswell Gilded Imp
A grand 9 year old with a good length of body. Correctly placed dark eye giving a kind gentle expression. Complimented by fine well placed ears. He has a long neck into a shapely body and top line with a correct set on of tail. Good jacket. At one with his handler.
2nd: Miller's Puddockswell Moon Shadow at Dryfevalley
Lovely dark eye and expression. Though not having the length of neck of 1 and being a little wider in front he still has a good shape to his top line. His coat is crisp and of good colour. In superb condition. Very well muscled all over.
3rd: King's Ch. Vistca Vian of Hendell

Puppy Bitch 1st: Sleight's Bonnybeck Shimmering Brook
Pepper with a large head and plenty of topknot. Dark well placed eyes, strong muzzle and nice length of body. On first inspection her topline appears arched but this drops nicely into place as she moves and gives the correct outline. Very well muscled with plenty of dog behind the tail. At one with her handler, she has been well schooled.
2nd: Miller's Dryfevalley Hey Genivieve
Mustard with the sweetest of expressions which comes from her correctly coloured well placed eyes. Ears framing the face. Correct bite. A good length of body showing a not overdone topline into a good tail set. Again very well muscled and a most happy disposition.

Novice Bitch 1st: Riach's Puddockswell Shadow Weaver
Loved this little pepper girl. A bit short of jacket today but this didn't detract from her good head, length of neck into long shapely body. Well balanced front and rear. Dark eyes and fine ears. She was a little overawed by it all today, being a bit shy, however she brightened up at the end of the day and I really hope she goes on to do well.
2nd: Allan's Dalmuster Serene Princess
Mustard, correct eye colour and fine ears well placed. Her muzzle to skull proportions were equal. Slightly wider in front that 1, she has a good length of neck. Would like a little more shape to her top line (a little overweight perhaps) but her tail set was good. She was cleanly presented.

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Denham's Dentgate Fire Opal
Pepper, nice head, fine ears, well placed eyes and good coat, feet well padded. Her better topline won her this class.
2nd: Sleight's Bonnybeck Delilah Creek
Mustard. Shorter in length than 1 and with a similar front. Litter sister to PGD winner.

Limit Bitch 1st: Miller's Dryfevalley Minnie The Minx
Correctly proportioned muzzle to skull. Would like her head a little larger. Good angled front, shapely and long yet not overdone body with a correctly carried tail, a well textured crisp jacket. RBB.
2nd: Youngs's Dentgate Opal
Pepper, litter mate to PGB class winner. Head to muzzle ratio equal. Body of good length, not over exaggerated. Shoulders and rear similarly made. Very well presented.

Open Bitch 1st: Ray's Ch. Dentgate Sweet Symphony
Mustard who caught my attention as she entered the ring. Good ratio of muzzle to head proportions, shapely front, long strong neck set into nicely curved body which flowed into a good rear, correct tail set and carriage completed the picture. BB & BIS.
2nd: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Effect
Mustard. Again another with a strong flowing neck into good length of body with good angulation front and rear. Coat of good colour and texture, pleasing to see on the dogs that the undercoat had not been stripped out which goes to help give the required pencil effect.
3rd: Denham's Dentgate Hollyberries

Veteran Bitch 1st: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Edition
8½ yr old, again having a strong neck and long weasley body. Her not overly done head has a sweet expression, fine well placed ears and her topline was seen at its best as she moved.

Brood Bitch 1st: Miller's Puddockswell Truly Scrumptious at Dryfevalley
Three very even mustards all having similar coats and sharing the correct body length and top lines. Moving well round the ring together. The sweetest of expressions; happiest of temperaments which are a credit to the breed.