Birmingham NEC, 9th March 2018. Judge: Mr Paul Keevil (Yazga).


I found myself in the somewhat unusual position of being a short notice replacement judge for the scheduled Karen Plastow. Postal entries had already closed and there were just a few days left for online entries when the change of judge was announced. Consequently, it is difficult to know which exhibitors entered under Karen and which under me. However, I did end up with the largest number of dogs for 8 years with 67 Dandies. My apologies if you entered under Karen and were disappointed, but I did my very best to assess the dogs in front of me without favour or bias.
It was obvious to me that there were quite a number of, for want of a better term, "novice" exhibitors showing at Crufts for the first time, which I welcomed, and whilst many did not go away with major awards, they all paid the same entry fees and were entitled to the same courtesy and thoroughness from the judge. For a person like me who just adores this breed, each and every one of the Dandies was special and I felt it a great privilege to have so many dogs to look over. However, a judge's job is to find the dogs which in his/her opinion most closely match the breed standard and place them accordingly, which I tried to do. Thank you to all who showed under me.
It is traditional in the preamble to a major show critique to give some sort of a "State of the Nation" statement, pointing out where the breed is going wrong and what breeders need to do to address the faults. However, I am not sure how comprehensive a cross-section of the population I had under me, so let me just add just a few comments. I always have in the back of my mind the three vitally important words from start the breed standard: "Game + Workmanlike + Terrier". I look for dogs that are in fit condition and of the correct size. The first paragraph of the Breed Standard really sums up the breed to a tee: "Distinctive head with a beautiful silky covering, with large, wise, intelligent eyes offsetting long, low, weaselly body. Short, strong legs; weatherproof coat." Some dogs I found "over furnished" in topknot and some clearly did not have a weatherproof coat. Movement was generally good with just a few poor backends. Mouths were overall good but I did have a few level mouths. I was delighted with my winners, all of which, for me, ticked all the above boxes.


Dog CC & BOB Booth's Borderstone Kingman for Lannia Winners photo
Reserve Dog CC Rayner's Reidswire Border Battlecry to Rubegud
Bitch CC Buckley's German Dandies' Violetta
Reserve Bitch CC Deacon's Ch. Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave
Best Puppy France's Miss Sophie di Luna Caprese at Torbrae

Veteran Dog 1st: Bromley's Ch. Mishahda Volcanic Storm
A Champion coming up for 8 years old and showing no signs of growing old gracefully, enjoyed this moment in the spotlight again. Great pepper coat, can still show the youngsters a thing or two.
Mishahda Volcanic Storm

Junior Dog 1st: Rayner's Reidswire Border Battlecry to Rubegud
15 month old pepper with an outstanding coat, which probably could have been presented better, but his great qualities carried him through today. Correct size, but still with good bone and body. I loved his height to length ratio caped with a correctly set, short tail presented a balanced picture of great potential. Moved straight and true coming and going without excessive flamboyance. If there was just one dog the judge could take home, it probably would have been this one. RDCC.
Reidswire Border Battlecry to Rubegud
2nd: Denham's Dentgate Mulberry
A different type, larger and longer in the leg than 1 and without the weatherproof jacket demanded for the breed. Well balanced head with a large skull. good eye. Still young with time on his side.
Dentgate Mulberry
3rd: Perry's Mishahda Nothing Compares at Pogleswood
The overall picture of this dog was spoilt for me by an excessive topknot which just made the head look unbalanced. Another larger dog not in the best of jackets today, but the movement was OK.
Mishahda Nothing Compares at Pogleswood

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Hubbard & Miller's Dryfevalley Johnny Fox
Large head with well-domed forehead, of correct proportions, dark eyes and a good bite and big teeth, great mustard coat and in good condition, correct topline, tail set and carriage, bit short in rib. Moved out well and with a happy disposition.
Dryfevalley Johnny Fox
2nd: Harcourt-Morris's Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt
Good head with a lovely expression from big round eye well-placed shoulders and strong quarters. Moved and showed well.
Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt
3rd: Bell's Reidswire Lord O'Liddesdale
Good head and eye, nice coat and furnishings, overall picture spoilt by the turning out one of his feet. Moved OK both ways.
Reidswire Lord O'Liddesdale
Res: Brown's Great Gatsby ze Zihelske Zahrady Great Gatsby ze Zihelske Zahrady
VHC: Cavanagh's German Dandies' Zorro at Puddockswell German Dandies' Zorro at Puddockswell
Allen's Dandiroyal Sweet William Dandiroyal Sweet William
Bailey's Tymeirz Spartan Tymeirz Spartan
Henry's Trinzy Fait Accompli avec Owlspoint Trinzy Fait Accompli avec Owlspoint
Thomson's Dryfevalley Mister Todd Dryfevalley Mister Todd
Watson's Dentgate Noel at Hainingloch Dentgate Noel at Hainingloch

Limit Dog 1st: Youngs's Inzievar The Goldsmith
Well balanced dog, nothing overdone, correctly balanced mustard coat, nice head with big round eye, correct stop and strength in muzzle, big teeth with big nose. At first, he appeared out at shoulders but this was just excessive coat, which can be improved in presentation. Moved well both ways.
Inzievar The Goldsmith
2nd: Sleight's Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay
Larger dog than my winner. Lovely mustard jacket presented in great condition, with strong head with correct bite. Typical Dandie expression, the movement was OK.
Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay
3rd: Drake's Tollcross Tartan Tavish
Good size well-balanced pepper with appealing expression and good bite. Correct pepper jacket, nice tight front, but did not show off to his best today.
Tollcross Tartan Tavish
Res: Milliner's Ceilmear Golden Challenger at Millerim Ceilmear Golden Challenger at Millerim
VHC: Johnson's Incantocani Augustus Incantocani Augustus

Open Dog 1st: Booth's Borderstone Kingman for Lannia
Quality pepper of correct size and proportions - nothing over exaggerated about him - he fits the breed standard and you can't really say much more than that. Dark round expressive eyes. great neck, front and lay of shoulder into good topline Lovely inky blue-black colour and silver furnishings, well presented and handled showing off his correct movement - I was delighted to award him this third and qualifying CC and eventual BOB.
Borderstone Kingman for Lannia
2nd: Edwards's Cloverwood Midnight Blue
Correct but rather short pepper jacket today. Nice expression and shape of head, expressive eyes and correct ear set. excellent bone, well ribbed and muscled. Not the movement of my winner but considered for the RDCC.
Cloverwood Midnight Blue
3rd: Jacka-Slater's Pennywave Lone Ranger
6 year mustard who is well boned with a strong skull. Good round eye of correct colour and shape. Correct scissor bite and large teeth. Short of coat today, which was a pity but he moved well and obviously was enjoying himself as was his handler.
Pennywave Lone Ranger
Res: Milliner's Ire Ch. Xenon z Roxburku Sun at Millerim Xenon z Roxburku Sun at Millerim

Good Citizenship Dog 1st: Rayner's Reidswire Border Battlecry to Rubegud
2nd: Sleight's Bonnybeck Moonlight Bay

Veteran Bitch 1st: Deacon's Ch. Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave
What can you say when you get such a lovely bitch which is nearly 9 years old under you. An absolute credit to her breeder and owner. She still has a lovely outline and is sound and positive on the move. Lovely colours in her pepper coat, good size, not over presented. I was delighted to award her the RBCC.
Cassencarrie Miss Grace at Pennywave
2nd: Sleight's Cassencarrie Madelaina at Bonnybeck
Nice 8 yr old, well bodied, feminine head good eye, clean bite and expression, correct coat of good texture, good tail set. Movement OK.
Cassencarrie Madelaina at Bonnybeck

Puppy Bitch 1st: France's Miss Sophie di Luna Caprese at Torbrae
11-month-old Mustard, up to size, nice balanced puppy, confident mover for one so young, I suspect a lot more to come from this young lady.
Miss Sophie di Luna Caprese at Torbrae
2nd: Stanley's Honey Hope ze Zihelske Zahrady at Waffelin
10-month mustard. Pretty head and expression with good proportions, well-muscled neck, with correct ear set and good dentition. Needs to tighten in front. Moved well in profile and with good rear drive.
Honey Hope ze Zihelske Zahrady at Waffelin
3rd: Brown's Henrietta Harris ze Zihelske Zahrady
Two youngsters together, puppy and handler, both obviously enjoying their day out. Correct pepper coat if a little short today. OK for size, nice outline eyes good for shape and colour and set wide apart. Movement was fine.
Henrietta Harris ze Zihelske Zahrady

Junior Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Yours Truly
Young Pepper bitch just about still in Junior. Overall pleasing dog to go over, correct coat and lovely for size. Nice dark eye, correct mouth and big teeth, a good profile which was kept on the move. I am sure she will do well when she is fully mature.
Cloverwood Yours Truly
2nd: Sheppard's Dentgate Sugarberries at Thystine
Well presented with typical head and expression correct size and balanced flowing topline and tail-set. Well off for bone and muscle. Unfortunate to meet my winner today.
Dentgate Sugarberries at Thystine
3rd: Poole's Reidswire Border Bluebell
I suspect a classic slow maturing Dandie. Still quite raw, but with a great coat coming and not over furnished.
Reidswire Border Bluebell
Res: Atkinson's Hullpride Cultured Betty Hullpride Cultured Betty

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: McGuinness's Siwop Secret Wish
2-year-old mustard who was very well presented. Feminine nice domed head, dark eye with fine ears, in good crisp coat. Excellent rear, perhaps a little wide in front and still a little "fine" in bone, but a quality bitch.
Siwop Secret Wish
2nd: Hubbard's Bonnybeck Chrystal Cascade at Crackerdog
Bigger than my winner, which cost her. Correct weasely body shape. Large head and skull, dark eyes, good bite with big strong dentition Front need to tighten as it spoils the picture when standing, as she has nice big feet.
Bonnybeck Chrystal Cascade at Crackerdog
3rd: Throup's Cassencarrie Cleo Rose
Mustard of good length and outline. Moved and showed well. Pleasing head and eye, up to size.
Cassencarrie Cleo Rose
Res: Johnson & Stanford's Incantocani Florenza Incantocani Florenza
VHC: Kelly's Bonnybeck Delilah Creek Bonnybeck Delilah Creek
Green's Hawkesmill Keepsake for Abbeywater Hawkesmill Keepsake for Abbeywater
Powis & Wallen's Siwop Black Baccara Rose Siwop Black Baccara Rose

Limit Bitch 1st: Buckley's German Dandies' Violetta
Top quality mustard who really stood out today. Correct for size with the most beautiful rich colour and well textured coat. Good balance of height to length, feminine head with good mouth and depth of muzzle, dark hazel eye and low set ears. Shown in top condition, well-muscled and fit, she moved very well on her well-padded feet, holding her outline. Delighted to award her a well-deserved BCC.
German Dandies' Violetta
2nd: Davies's Meriel's Munnings
Nice little mustard, who moved quite well. good shoulder placement and balanced in length. Perhaps a tad more neck would really complete the picture.
Meriel's Munnings
3rd: Russell's Hawkesmill Karamel
Good mustard, with attractive head and expression well boned. Balanced in outline with muscular neck of good length and topline nicely sprung ribs. Free mover.
Hawkesmill Karamel
Res: Atkinson's Kingcottage Abilene West Kingcottage Abilene West
VHC: Powis & Wallen's Siwop Black Baccara Rose

Open Bitch 1st: Henry's Trinzy Hair N'Graces
Pretty mustard, perhaps a touch too flashy in presentation for my tastes but her quality took her through to win the class. Good head, dark eye and good bite. Good outline, perhaps needing just a touch more length to really finish off the picture. Well ribbed tight shoulders and good feet.
Trinzy Hair N'Graces
2nd: Jacka-Slater's Cloverwood Duchess May
Another nice mustard but of different type to the class winner. Nice outline, but the overall picture was spoilt for me because of a slight lacking of neck. Short muscular legs, good tail set and carriage. Sound and free mover.
Cloverwood Duchess May
3rd: Harcourt-Morris's Int Ch. Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma Lenacourt
Well-presented mustard, nicely put together and balanced overall with feminine expression. Movement was OK.
Dainty Dandies Royal Dutch Emma Lenacourt
Res: Bromley's Mishahda Vibrant Amber Mishahda Vibrant Amber
VHC: Milliner's Dandiroyal Ferrywiggle at Millerim Dandiroyal Ferrywiggle at Millerim
Eckardt's Kiti's Band It's My Dream Kiti's Band It's My Dream
Henry's Ch. Dariant Grace Mi Solar at Trinzy Dariant Grace Mi Solar at Trinzy
Saville's Ire Ch. Puddockswell Maudie Mack at Darcellie Puddockswell Maudie Mack at Darcellie

Good Citizenship Bitch 1st: Davies's Meriel's Munnings
2nd: Kelly's Bonnybeck Delilah Creek
3rd: Powis & Wallen's Siwop Black Baccara Rose