Darlington Dog Show Society

Ripon Racecourse, 14th September 2018. Judge: Mr Albert Wight.


Best Dog Milton's Wilmit Chindit
Reserve Best Dog Deegan's Dainty Dandies King Of My Castle
Best Bitch & BOB Milton's Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
Reserve Best Bitch Kurg & Milton's Wilmit Raffles at Etsill
Best Puppy Kurg & Milton's Wilmit Raffles at Etsill

Puppy Dog/Bitch 1st: Kurg & Milton's Wilmit Raffles at Etsill
What a good start to the day with this very nice youngster. I loved her head shape, beautiful eyes and ears and that real Dandie expression! So well ribbed. Decent length in ribbing to a slight rise then that flow to a good tail set and carriage. She is well boned and her movement is so steady and efficient and I would be confident of a bright future if she was mine!
2nd: Miller's Clydeheath's Domino Derval
7 months pepper and just a baby, albeit a very shapely one. Head a decent size with a broad skull, decent muzzle and jet black nose. I liked her eyes and she has such a soft expression. She is so very shapely in body on the stack and just needs to settle down when moving.
3rd: Milton's Wilmit Chindit
Bags of style and promise but looks raw at this time.
Res: Murphy's Dryfevalley Boogie Woogie
VHC: Deegan's Dariant I'Bastet of Deegandan

Junior Dog/Bitch 1st: Deegan's Clairmorin Petite Etoile of Deegandan
Mustard with a most attractive head, low set ears and well shaped, expressive eyes. Whilst she has a decent spring of rib, she could, for me, be a tad longer and have a more defined rise over the loin to complete the picture. She is sound enough out and back but I feel she could use her hocks a little more effectively. But that wagging tail denotes a character!

Postgraduate Dog/Bitch 1st: Deegan's Dainty Dandies King Of My Castle
Although this mustard was a bit between coats and could, for me, be a size larger, I felt his super head shape, eyes, ears and expression all deserved the top spot. Well set neck which he uses to best advantage, excellent backline and a decent length to well muscled and angulated hindquarters. When settled he showed a smooth, powerful stride.
2nd: Sleight's Mishahda Where It All Began
A pepper and this very handsome bitch looked the likely winner at the outset but she never really got her act together on the move, being quite lethargic. Perhaps big enough for her sex but her head is so balanced, loved her eyes and expression and on the stack she presents a balanced, most attractive shape.
3rd: Dawson's Deegandan Bewitched

Open Dog/Bitch 1st: Milton's Ch. Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit
This pepper bitch was quite serene here, looked and moved like the Champion she is . She benefitted from expert presentation. I loved her headpiece, so full of quality and her expression was a joy. When stacked, her neck and outline, with a decent length and that hint of loin rise leading to well muscled hindquarters just delight the eye. She moved out with an accomplished and powerful action.
2nd: Miller's Dryfevalley Miss Muffet
A 2 years old mustard in excellent coat. Nice for size and overall shape with a decent neck and length of ribs. She stands and moves too wide in front but her profile action shows good hock use and she keeps her shape. I loved her temperament with that non stop tail wagging adding to her appeal.