Scottish Kennel Club 2, 2008

Royal Highland Showground, 23rd August.  Judge: Mrs Janet Roslyn

"There were many quality Dandies but still a few which exceed the Standard regarding weight. A few with tails which were short but the first time I have seen ears which were far too long."

Bitch CC & BOB

Reserve Bitch CC

Dog CC

Reserve Dog CC

Best Puppy

Mannia's Wazzly Persephone at Kirskill

Motler's Wazzly Athena

Buist & the late Jamieson's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt

Butcher's Puddockswell Gorgeous George for Daiszana

Motler's Wazzly Athena

Puppy - Dog or Bitch

1st: Motler's Wazzly Athena

Homebred mustard bitch, beautiful feminine expression, correct bite with good sized teeth, good coat for her age, of deep colour & correct texture, moved soundly, thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring, although young awarded her RCC, her future should be rewarding.

2nd: Kerrush's Inzievar Royal Gold

Attractive mustard dog, new coat coming but not a strong colour. Correct bite from good sized teeth, moved well, good topline & reach of neck. Well up to size for a puppy.

3rd: Osbourne's Pitfirrane Silver Lady of Braego

Junior - Dog or Bitch

1st: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Edition

Well presented mustard bitch, pleasing length of body, well balanced, good topline, very feminine expression, good teeth & bite, eyes correct in shape & colour, moved quite well.

2nd: Butcher's Puddockswell Gorgeous George for Daiszana

Well presented pepper dog of correct size & weight, good expression with strong teeth & correct bite, moved with drive on very neat feet, enjoyed being in the ring. RCC.

3rd: Bromley's Mishahda Tempting Touch
Res: Smethurst's Dawholm Dapper Davoc
VHC: Shortman's Avonview Bein Bhreac

Postgraduate Dog

1st: Osbourne's Puddockswell Amber Melody for Braego

Well up to size mustard, strong coloured coat of correct texture, good mouth with correct bite, moved quite well.

2nd: Shortman's Avonview Bein Bhreac

Both dog & handler making their debut in the ring, mustard dog, well up to size, correct bite from strong teeth. Could move well when he wished, presentation & ringcraft lessons could improve his chances.

Limit Dog

1st: Fisher's Mosterlada Who Dares Wins at Gypsywish

Well presented, short coupled pepper with good coloured coat, correct texture, good teeth & bite, good to see tan markings on sound hocks, moved better coming than going.

Open Dog

1st: Buist & the late Jamieson's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt

Well balanced pepper of good length with correct topline, strong teeth with correct bite, good shaped eyes of true Dandie colour, strong coloured coat, correct texture, profuse, upstanding topknot, moved soundly & with drive on very neat feet. CC.

2nd: Morrice's Shonillian Dandilly Digby

Homebred mustard with strong coloured coat coming through, correct texture, good size, topline & expression, correct bite from good teeth. Movement of 1 was better.

Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Butcher's Pitfirrane Hollyberry for Daiszana

Attractive pepper, good coloured coat, correct texture, typical expression, correct bite & eyes true Dandie colour, moved well on good feet.

2nd: Denham's Dentgate Serendipity

Well presented homebred pepper, in good coat of correct texture, good mouth & bite, strong teeth, moved well with drive. Expression would be more pleasing with a darker eye.

Limit Bitch

1st: Bedborough's Pitfirrane Sweet Myrtle

Homebred pepper, pleasing expression, correct size & weight, good coat coming, teeth correct in size & bite, eyes typical Dandie, good feet, moved well.

2nd: MacInnes's Bettymac Jenny Wren

Homebred pepper in full coat, correct bite & typical Dandie eyes, size & weight as Standard. Close decision but the movement of 1 was just better.

Open Bitch

1st: Mannia's Wazzly Persephone at Kirskill

Lovely well balanced pepper, good topline, correct size & weight, pleasing feminine expression, good teeth & bite, typical Dandie eyes & topknot as Standard, soft & silky, moved soundly & with drive both coming & going, a credit to her breeder for producing a ch & a CC winner in her first litter. CC & BOB.

2nd: Cameron's Ch. Inzievar Silver Bonnet

Quality pepper, good coat of strong colour, correct texture, good topline & well balanced, feminine expression, typical Dandie eyes, correct bite from good teeth, moved well, a close decision.

3rd: Motler's Wazzly Aphrodite
Res: Hislop's Ch. Inzievar Sterling Silver
VHC: Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star