Leeds City & District Canine Association 2008

Harewood House, 27th July 2008. Judge: Mr Jeff Luscott



"A great entry of quality dogs with close decisions in most classes."


Best Dog & BOB

Reserve Best Dog

Best Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Puppy

Buist & the late Jamieson's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt

Corless 's Dengold Enterprise

Shore's Ch. Swanwillow Savannah

Cameron's Ch. Inzievar Silver Bonnet

Kerrush's Inzievar Royal Gold

Puppy Dog

1st: Kerrush's Inzievar Royal Gold

Loved the head & balance, good skull, muzzle & topknot, excellent development at this stage, chest, body & muscle, good balance, reach & drive, strong rearquarters & lovely action in profile, shows great promise. BP.

2nd: Hulme & Hunter's Hendell Alphonse with Etsill

8 months & exciting in head, eye, muzzle & skull development at this stage of his growth, good muscle, moved OK. Not the overall balance yet of 1.

Junior Dog

1st: Osbourne's Puddockswell Amber Melody for Braego

Good outline & eye, nice muscled & shape, good balance. Not the front or topline at this stage, head with more development to come. A quality dog.

2nd: Cooper's Margham Feather Duster

Beautiful head & balance, good shape but not moving typically for the breed with the drive required. The handler needs to work on this action & it would give a potentially great dog a much better chance in the future, it may have been the ring surface on the day.

Open Dog

1st: Buist & the late Jamieson's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt

Impressive top quality dog with good overall balanced & strength, great head of typical broad skull, width of jaw & muzzle, loved the outline, topline, front & rearquarters, crisp coat, has a great action on the move with the reach, drive & side gait, on top form to win BOB.

2nd: Corless 's Dengold Enterprise

Good honest type, correct eye, jaw, muzzle & head strength, lovely outline & shape, good body & muscle, strong quarters. Not quite the movement or tailset of 1. RBD.

3rd: Weatherstone's Hendell Beau Brummel at Borderstone

Puppy Bitch

1st: Osbourne's Pitfirrane Silver Lady of Braego

Attractive youngster, pleases in head & eye, good over the skull & topknot, a happy girl, alert & balanced, good front & muscle, nice topline, good action.

Junior Bitch

1st: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Edition

Exciting young mustard bitch with a lovely outlook, style & balance, good though head & skull, has the right proportions coming in body, chest & strong rearquarters, her typical action won her the class.

2nd: Smith's Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy

Pleasing youngster, good balance in head. A little longer in body proportions at present. Strong muscle, good coat coming through, moving easily around the ring.

Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Denham's Dentgate Serendipity

Loved the great outline, balance & action on this pepper, good head & body, nice through topline, good size & stamp, moves really well & has the finish in coat.

2nd: Denham's Dentgate Sercerity

Not quite the development of her sister at this stage but OK through front, good eye, muzzle & shape, good muscle in quarters & body. Not the front, coat & balance of 1.

Open Bitch

1st: Shore's Swanwillow Savannah

Excellent class won by a beautiful, well balanced & strong mustard bitch, well proportioned head of the correct type, good eye, jaw, skull & strength in muzzle, good front & bone, strongly muscled through her body & topline, excellent balance on the move, good size & substance, good coat. BB, pushing the male all the way in the challenge.

2nd: Cameron's Ch. Inzievar Silver Bonnet

Loved the balance & shape of this quality pepper lady, good outline, head, eye & balanced of type, good on the move with reach & drive, shown & handled well, pushed 1 all the way in the class. RBB.

3rd: Hislop's Ch. Inzievar Sterling Silver
Res: Weatherstone & Heywood's Schalulleke Blueprint for Borderstone
VHC: Hunter's Hendell Sweet Pickle of Etsill