City of Birmingham Canine Association 2008

Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, 30th August 2008. Judge: Miss Patricia Clayton

"A delightful breed to have the pleasure of going over again, I note from my catalogue that my CC winners both have Canadian bloodlines in their pedigrees."

Dog CC & BOB

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Best Veteran

Carter's Cassencarrie James Blonde

Hamilton's Margham Moon Duster

Cameron's Ch. Inzievar Silver Bonnet

Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star

Hulme and Hunter's Hendell Alphonse with Etsill

Bromley's Finloren Fantasia at Mishahda

Puppy Dog

1st: Hulme and Hunter's Hendell Alphonse with Etsill

A pity this puppy stood alone in this class, homebred youngster of quality, ideal head & skull for his 9 months, so well proportioned & in balance, good front, bone, coupled with body of good length, well laid shoulders, nice spring of rib, excellent round feet which are well padded, coat of good texture, mustard colour, true Dandie outline with very good tailset, a most happy mover who strode out on well made sturdy quarters, one to watch. BP.

Junior Dog

1st: Carter's Cassencarrie James Blonde

Upstanding mustard, has a lot to offer the breed & was handled by his breeder, typical Dandie head, good mouth, round eye of correct colour, well let down in front, desired muscular neck, beautifully proportioned, weaselly body, nice spring of ribs, muscled hindquarters with correct carried tailset, moved out soundly in true Dandie style with desired drive, very confident & showed it, in pleasing texture jacket. CC, BOB & G3.

2nd: Hamilton's Margham Moon Duster

Homebred pepper boy, quality Dandie, strongly made head & true expression, of ideal size, neck well set into good shoulders, stands on well boned legs with padded feet, good body shape, flowing typical topline with good tailset, sturdy quarters used well in action, well constructed throughout, moved out soundly. RCC.

3rd: Hughes's Margham Go For Gold with Maganbar

Litter brother to 2.

Postgraduate Dog

1st: Osbourne's Puddockswell Amber Melody for Braego

Matured mustard, attractive well balanced head, large dark eyes, pendulous ears, well developed neck, good ribcage & rear angulation, moved out with ease on well boned legs, excellent coat presentation.

Limit Dog

1st: Eriksson's Scottsbairn Duke of Ross

Charming pepper, well put together, of ch percentage with pleasing Dandie head, fine ears & good mouth, nice muscular neck into well laid shoulders, long weaselly body with nice spring of rib & good tailset, in excellent presentation, responding well to experienced handler.

2nd: Eves's Penactiv Dream Dealer of Sylvanken

Matured mustard with desired outline, good mouth & ear placement, correct bone & feet, was smartly turned out with strong muscular quarters & good tail carriage, coat texture not at its best although looked the part in profile, a free mover.

Open Dog

1st: Hows & Winch's Mishahda Rhapsody in Blue

Pepper son of Fantasia at Mishahda, built on similar lines with lovely head qualities, large round eye, good mouth, stands on firm front with well ribbed body & good turn of well muscled quarters, pleasing jacket presentation. Would have preferred a little more rise over loin to complete the picture.

Veteran Bitch

1st: Bromley's Finloren Fantasia at Mishahda

A most worthy homebred mustard of 8½ years, beautifully presented with lovely feminine head, thin ears & a well muscled neck, good spring of ribs carried well back, correct topline with good bend of stifle on sturdy quarters, giving a strong movement fore & aft.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Milliner's Millerim Rubis Jeudi
2nd: Osbourne's Pitfirrane Silver Lady of Braego

Junior Bitch 1st: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Edition
2nd: Heywood's Schalulleke Clara Jones
3rd: Bromley's Mishahda Tempting Touch
Res: Gaffney's Dunskey Bright Bawbee

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Burnett's Oaksleigh What Katy Did
2nd: Eves's Oaksleigh Minnehaha of Sylvanken
3rd: Hughes's Maganbar Morning Mist
Res: Rolland's Dengold Morning Cloud at Dandiroyal
VHC: Gaffney's Dunskey Bright Bawbee

Limit Bitch

1st: Milliner's Dengold Gypsy Moth at Millerim

Mature pepper with traditional head, eye & ear placement, good bone, long ribcage, standing on well cushioned feet, well muscled up, a free mover, responding well to experienced handler.

2nd: Gaffney's Dunskey Bright Bawbee

Pepper of good colour, in a smaller mould with expressive eyes, good mouth, muscular neck, ample bone for size, in pleasing jacket, handler spoils outline when setting up at the present time, was a free happy mover.

Open Bitch

1st: Cameron's Ch. Inzievar Silver Bonnet

Honest quality pepper bitch to go over, so well constructed with lovely feminine head, good mouth, thin ears & expressive dark eyes, coupled with a good muscular neck into well laid shoulders, stands on nice straight well boned front with correct well padded round feet, desired Dandie topline with good tailset & sturdy rearquarters, in super coat & presentation, moved soundly to win this class, but sadly did not put all in on the final challenge for BOB. CC.

2nd: Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star

Homebred, quality headed Dandie of ch percentage, beautifully proportioned throughout, well let down in front, ample bone & pleasing body length, tailset & shapely well muscled hindquarters, in correct texture jacket & excellent condition, moved out soundly. RCC.

3rd: Hughes's Maganbars Play Misty For Me
Res: Gaffney's Dunskey Bright Bawbee