Auction of Bronze Medallion and Head

medal-front-smallThe club has been given a bronze medallion, which we intend to auction, all proceeds to go to Glaucoma Research.  The medallion is 1½ inches diameter.  The obverse side shows an engraved Dandie in the, centre and reads "South of Scotland now The Scottish Dandie Dinmont Terrier Society".

The reverse has a leaf pattern around the edge and the words "Mr Wm Walker's Dinah Deans Birmingham 1889".

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Our Club Chairman and historian, Janet Roslyn, has done some research into the medallion and has this to say...



The pepper  bitch was bred by Miss Ida Gordon of "Fairfield" Monkton, Ayrshire.  Born on April 1st 1889, Sire:- Ettrick.  Dam:- Princess Jerry, K.C. registered as "Chit Chat", Stud Book number 27758.  She was 2nd in Puppy at Glasgow, and 4th in Puppy at Edinburgh.  She was sold to Mr. William Walker of Heaton Mersey, who changed her name to "Dinah Deans", "Deans" being his kennel name, stud book numbers remain permanent.  She was entered at the Birmingham Show where she won Best Puppy and a special.  The special was the medallion presented at the show in 1889.  Mr. Walker was a member of the Sottish Dandie Dinmont Society, according to the membership list of 1895, he then lived at Flixton, Manchester.
The medallions were commissioned by the D.D.T.C. and given to be presented at shows of which the Committee approved. The Puppy medallions were 1½" in diameter for other classes, but usually Best Of Breed received the 2" diameter size.  There were silver medallions as well as the bronze, each had a full bodied Dandie on the obverse side and the reverse gave the date, venue, owner and dog's name.




We are also auctioning a Bronze Head, donated to the Club, which is 7½ inches high 5 inches wide.   The head weighs approx 2 kilos.  It is not free standing, but designed to hang on a wall.  Artist is unknown.


Bids can be sent by post to the Secretary, or in person at the Championship Show.  The closing date is 3pm on 12th July 2009, at the Championship Show.  The Chairman's decision on equal bids is final.  Postage & packing will be charged for as necessary.