British Heritage Dog Breeds

A new website has recently come online to publicise vulnerable... er, I mean Heritage... dog breeds.  Many of the minds behind the website will be familiar to the Dandie community, but all 'numerically small' British and Irish breeds will be represented.

The groups mission statement is...

To provide a place that like minded individuals, who care about British Heritage Dog Breeds, can visit, exchange views, pick up information, read reports and view event listings. It is not a Club, Organisation, Foundation or Commercial site.

All British breeds are part of our heritage however, in the context of this web site, British Heritage Dog Breeds are defined as those breeds which are in need of some assistance, like an ancient listed building or an important work of art.

The purpose of this web site to form an interactive hub; a central meeting point for like-minded enthusiasts who care about the future of our British Heritage Dog Breeds. It is hoped that successful Heritage British Breed supporters will join us in our mission.

This is where we can share ideas, promote events, post on the forum, ask for volunteers, support or help and, most importantly, make contact with each other. This will be YOUR site; it will be international; the press will have access to it - we need to get the information out here on the web.

To learn more, please visit