Midland Counties Canine Society 2009

Staffordshire County Showground, 22nd October 2009. Judge: Mr Ellis Hulme.



Dog CC & BOB

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Buist & the late Jamieson's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt

Deacon's Ch/Am Ch. Pennywise Burning Ambition for Cassencarrie

Tinsley's Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle

Shore's Ch. Swanwillow Savannah

Morris's Pennywave Amaryllis

Winners photo

Puppy Dog 1st: Hunter's Etsill Scapa Flow
Attractive size, nicely combines substance, soundness and quality, well proportioned head, strong muzzle, excellent forelegs, almost 7 months and developing nicely in chest and ribs, good rearquarters with strong low set hocks. If maturity is kind should finish well.
Etsill Scapa Flow
2nd: Jacka-Slater's Cassencarrie Robbie Burns
Very eyecatching 10 months mustard, pleasing head pattern, large round dark eye, strong pigmentation, characteristic body. Preferred conformation and movement of 1. Willing showman, immaculately presented.
Cassencarrie Robbie Burns

Junior Dog 1st: Butcher & Cox-Purcell's Puddockswell Handsome Hector
Balanced strongly pigmented mustard, well set neck, fair front, shapely topline. Rather proud of his tail. Carried himself well when moving with plenty thrust from the rear.
Puddockswell Handsome Hector

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Butcher's Puddockswell Gorgeous George for Daiszana
Typical outlook, dark eye and pigment. Could be better in front. Beautifully muscled hindquarters providing plenty of drive, lovely temperament.
Puddockswell Gorgeous George for Daiszana

Limit Dog 1st: Hulme's Vistca Vian of Hendell
Impressive mustard, attractive size, type and quality, excellent eye and expression, first class conformation and movement, in best condition, pressed hard for a top award. With a little more maturity should reach the top.
Vistca Vian of Hendell
2nd: Denham's Scottsbairn Duke Of Ross
Well conditioned, good type pepper, pleasing outline and balance, good legs and feet, moved and showed to good effect. Should continue his winning ways.
Scottsbairn Duke Of Ross
3rd: Smethurst's Dawsholm Dapper Davoc Dawsholm Dapper Davoc
Res: Osbourne's Puddockswell Amber Melody for Braego Puddockswell Amber Melody for Braego
VHC: France's Torbrae Dance N Dazzle Torbrae Dance N Dazzle
Fisher's Mosterlada Who Dares Wins at Gypsywish Mosterlada Who Dares Wins at Gypsywish
Cooper's Margham Feather Duster Margham Feather Duster
Kelly's Swanwillow Jackmanii Swanwillow Jackmanii

Open Dog 1st: Buist & the late Jamieson's Ch. Inzievar Silver Gilt
Looked the part, good type, mature and in hard muscular condition, first class conformation, one of the better fronts on view, strong rear providing the desired impulsion, willing purposeful showman. CC & BOB.
Inzievar Silver Gilt
2nd: Deacon's Ch/Am Ch. Pennywise Burning Ambition for Cassencarrie
Another impressive showman, pleasing size and balance, strong well proportioned head, well set neck, good topline, in hard condition, perfectly presented, made the most of himself at all time, close up to winner. RCC.
Pennywise Burning Ambition for Cassencarrie
3rd: Cadwallader's Bettymac Sun Samba Bettymac Sun Samba

Puppy Bitch 1st: Morris's Pennywave Amaryllis
Feminine 10 month old, full of type and quality, soundly made and moved accordingly, in excellent condition, well put down, confident showgirl with the potential to reach the top. BP.
Pennywave Amaryllis
2nd: Chapman-King's Inzievar Platinum
8 months with much to admire needs time and experience to come together.
Inzievar Platinum
3rd: Bird's Etsill Shapinsay Sound with Birbrinda Etsill Shapinsay Sound with Birbrinda

Junior Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle
Feminine and full of quality, first class head, eye and expression, strong well set neck, desired long low weaselly body, typical topline finishing with well set correctly carried tail, conformation and movement completed the picture. With a little more maturity will be hard to pass. CC.
Cloverwood Lemon Drizzle

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Hunter's Puddockswell Hootin Annie at Etsill
Nice size, well balanced, feminine mustard, scored in head, neck, topline and tail, confident showgirl with excellent carriage.
Puddockswell Hootin Annie at Etsill
2nd: Heywood's Schalulleke Clara Jones
Good type, strongly bone forearms, characteristic topline, when settled moved well enough. Could have carried her tail with more conviction.
Schalulleke Clara Jones
3rd: Motler's Wazzly Athena Wazzly Athena
Res: Osbourne's Pitfirrane Silver Lady of Braego Pitfirrane Silver Lady of Braego
VHC: Coleman's Schalulleke Izzydibble Schalulleke Izzydibble

Limit Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Razzberry Ice
Liked everything about her in type and quality, carried herself well when moving. With stronger impulsion from behind would have challenged harder for a higher award. Very good coat and furnishings, perfectly presented, handled to best advantage.
Cloverwood Razzberry Ice
2nd: Morris's Hendell Tassel at Pennywave
Well proportioned, pleasing head, good chest, ribs and topline. Could have been more positive in movement.
Hendell Tassel at Pennywave
3rd: Kinsey-Morgan's Inzievar Gold Edition Inzievar Gold Edition

Open Bitch 1st: Shore's Ch. Swanwillow Savannah
Worthy Ch, full of type, mature, in best coat and condition, put up a strong challenge. Felt that the smaller size and femininity of the junior gave her the edge. RCC.
Swanwillow Savannah
2nd: Cameron's Ch. Inzievar Silver Bonnet
Lovely pepper, typical in all respects, excellent conformation. Unfortunately her performance didn’t match her good looks but did sufficient to secure her place.
Inzievar Silver Bonnet
3rd: Jarvis's Mosterlada Shooting Star Mosterlada Shooting Star
Res: Green's Ch. Inzievar Rose Gold for Abbeywater Inzievar Rose Gold for Abbeywater
VHC: Motler's Wazzly Aphrodite Wazzly Aphrodite