DDTC Championship Show 2003

13th July 2003. Judge: Mrs Shirley Sharpe (Telgar).


Dog CC & BIS

Reserve Dog CC

Bitch CC

Reserve Bitch CC

Best Puppy

Best Veteran

Eriksson & Chapman-King's Ch/Int Ch. Mosterlada Glentanar of Inzievar

Harpwood's Finloren Nicholas Nickleby

Deacon's Cassencarrie Kalvados

De Bakker's Needwood Jingle

Harpwood's Finloren Nicholas Nickleby

Eriksson & Chapman-King's Ch/Int Ch. Mosterlada Glentanar of Inzievar

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Dandie Dazzle
7 months old mustard dog. Adorable head and expression, excellent front, nice length of neck going into good lay of shoulder, perhaps would like a little more length of ribcage, curvy behind, a great little dog.

Puppy Dog 1st: Harpwood's Finloren Nicholas Nickleby
11 month old mustard dog. What a future this one has in front of him. Superb head and expression, thin ears, well off for bone, excellent front assembly, long ribcage, standing on well cushioned feet, well curved stifles and crisp coat. RCC.

Junior Dog 1st: Harpwood's Finloren Nicholas Nickleby
2nd: Derry's Vistca Van Der Valk
Mustard well up to size but a super dog. Splendid head lovely expression, good bone, excellent front, good body plenty of curves which he used to advantage on the move. Unlucky to meet 1 in such cracking form.
3rd: Fisher's Dengold Captain Archer of Gypsywish
Res: Eriksson's Scottsbairn Border Tinker

Maiden Dog 1st: Gourmand's Swanwillow Canterbury
Pepper dog. Pleasing head and expression, good front assembly, reasonable shoulder but a lovely long ribcage, good curve of stifle and really well muscled up. It was difficult to assess his front movement as he kept his nose on the carpet, but a grand little dog.

Novice Dog 1st: Harpwood's Finloren Nicholas Nickleby
2nd: Power's Needwood Twice Nightly
Pepper dog with super head, level bite, very good bone, cushioned feet and nice length of ribbing, good stifles, movement first class.
3rd: McLeod's Healaval Usquebae
Res: Gourmand's Swanwillow Canterbury

Graduate Dog 1st: McLeod's Healaval Usquebae
Mustard dog third in last class. Attractive head and lovely expression, little short on coat and rather a steepish shoulder but well ribbed back, nice stifle and his movement was excellent.

Postgraduate Dog 1st: Deacon's Cassencarrie Blithe Spirit
Pepper dog, nice size, very neat looking with a charming head and expression. Good front strong neck into well laid shoulder, well ribbed back and excellent curves behind. Good crisp coat and excellent movement.
2nd: Power's Needwood Twice Nightly

Limit Dog 1st: Sample's Dentgate Watermark
Mustard dog with excellent masculine head and the best shoulder set in this class. Standing on well cushioned feet good length of body, very good turn of stifle. Crisp coat.
2nd: Perry's Somercloud Tinkerman
Pepper dog very smart but steep in shoulder, attractive head nicely cushioned feet, nice length of body but not the curves behind of winner.
3rd: Mannia's Finloren The Lion In Winter at Kirskill

Open Dog 1st: Shore's Ch. Finloren The Laird of Swanwillow
Mustard dog with pleasing head and expression, thin ears, well set shoulder, long ribcage, very nice turn of stifle, excellent movement.
2nd: Harpwood's Ch. Finloren Friar Tuck
Another mustard totally out of the same mould, difficult to split these two. Again an attractive head and expression, strong neck into good shoulder placement, well ribbed back, really well turned stifles rich mustard crisp coat. Moved very well.
3rd: Gilbert's Cassencarrie Keymaster
Res: De Bakker's NL Ch. Needwood Tricky Dicky
VHC: Buist & Chapman-King's Ch. Inzievar William Wallace

Veteran Dog 1st: Eriksson & Chapman-King's Ch/Int Ch. Mosterlada Glentanar of Inzievar
What a superb mustard dog, beautifully presented. This chap was all masculine. Superb head with thin ears well muscled neck into a well laid shoulder, well sprung ribs carried well back, correct topline and well curved stifles. Lovely showy movement. Seven and a half years old but beating all the youngsters today. CC and BIS.
2nd: Chapman-King's Ch. Inzievar Gold Standard
I have given this lovely mustard dog a CC in the past and he has lost nothing of his looks in maturity. Masculine head with lovely round dark eye, well cushioned feet. Straight front and excellent shoulder, well ribbed back perhaps not quite the curves behind of winner but again a lovely dog.
3rd: Halliwell's Dengold Mulberry
Res: Meakin's Suekrit Indian Chief

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood English Rose
7 months old mustard girl with the most adorable feminine head, thin ears, good neck into a correct shoulder placement, fairly well ribbed back, wonderful curve of stifle and good coat coming. She bounced along beautifully.
2nd: Fisher's Hollyberry Hotshot
Pepper girl hard to split these two, again such a pretty face, lovely bone for her age at 8 months, excellent front assembly nice length of body and very curvy behind. Perhaps lacking a little in coat at the moment but I am sure these two will change places again and again.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Bromley's Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble
Again a super mustard girl. Feminine head with lovely expression. Accurate front assembly, well set shoulder good length of body with nice tuck up and well turned stifles which she used to advantage on the move.

Junior Bitch 1st: McKenzie's Vistca Vanita
Another mustard baby. I really fell for this one. Beautiful feminine head with lovely expression with round dark eye, lovely straight front and well set shoulder, right length of body with excellent ribbing, well curved stifles. Coat is just clearing at the moment.
2nd: De Bakker's Josephine Baker of Coquet Water
Pepper bitch with again a lovely head and expression, thin ears with lovely tassels. A nice straight front, good shoulder correct length of body. Carried her tail just a little higher that winner but not much to choose between these two.
3rd: Heywood's Schalulleke Lizzy Weaver
Res: Gibson's Dengold Nerys
VHC: Camm's Swanwillow Primula at Somercloud

Maiden Bitch 1st: Fisher's Hollyberry Hotshot

Novice Bitch 1st: McKenzie's Vistca Vanita
2nd: Bromley's Mishahda Cinnamon Crumble

Graduate Bitch 1st: McKenzie's Vistca Vanita
2nd: Bedborough's Pitfirrane Lady Jane
Mustard bitch with a feminine head, dark round eye, thin ears, sound neck, first class coat. Quite curvy behind perhaps would like a little more cushioning on the feet. Moved well.
3rd: Oakes & Searle's Brackenford Cameo

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Deacon's Cassencarrie Kalvados
What an elegant small pepper bitch. A delightful head, thin ears, well muscled neck, correct lay of shoulder and also upper arm. Long ribcage strong hindquarters which she used well on the move. Well deserved her first CC.
2nd: Chapman-King & Hislop's Mosterlada Wild Heather of Inzievar
Pepper bitch little larger than winner, attractive head with super dark eye pleasing front, well cushioned feet, correct shoulder, good coat. Not quite the curves of winner behind. Two very nice bitches.
3rd: Fisher's Oaksleigh Maggie May of Gypsywish
Res: Oakes & Searle's Oakseal Zephyr

Limit Bitch 1st: De Bakker's Needwood Jingle
Mustard bitch well presented with attractive head with thin ears, excellent front assembly, well cushioned feet, nice length of body with good ribbing, sound hindquarters. Worthy winner of Reserve CC.
2nd: Tinsley's Cloverwood Minnow
Pepper bitch I liked a lot. Unlucky to meet winner in such cracking form. Again feminine head with that melting expression, thin ears , fair shoulder, long ribcage, good pepper coat with rich tan on legs. Great little mover.
3rd: Heywood's Schalulleke Lizzy Weaver
Res: Motler's Finloren Lady Eloise at Wazzly
VHC: Kerrush's Micklam Steel Bonnet

Open Bitch 1st: Harpwood's Finloren Lady Jane Grey
Well presented pepper girl. Wonderful head, well set shoulder, correct body length, well cushioned feet and had a lovely crisp jacket.
2nd: Cameron & Chapman-King's Inzievar Silver Jubilee
Another pepper girl a little larger than winner but very expressive head, a well laid shoulder, correct length of body, first class curves behind giving a strong movement. Another I liked a lot.
3rd: Eardley's Ch. Blue Rhapsody at Sherex
Res: Tinsley's Ch. Hendell Damask Rose at Cloverwood
VHC: Deacon's Pajanticks Quaystone for Cassencarrie

Veteran Bitch 1st: Mannia's Khadiman Hobby of Kirskill
Pepper bitch a week short of her 12th birthday, a credit to her owner. Lovely head, good front well muscled for her age. Good coat and nice depth and tuck up. Correct length of body. Moved very sprightly for her age.
2nd: MacInnes's Torbrae Blue Moon at Bettymac
Again a pepper bitch not as well furnished as the winner and a lighter coloured coat. Very sweet head and a very happy girl, nice shoulder a good body a little straighter behind than winner.

Special Brood Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Ch. Hendell Damask Rose at Cloverwood

Brace 1st: De Bakker's
Mustard Dandies, totally in step with one another, a joy to watch.
2nd: Tinsley's
With her two mustard puppies.
3rd: Oakes & Searle's
Mustard and Pepper bitches.

Team 1st: Chapman-King's
Trio of super Dandies which swept impressively round the ring.
Junior Members Classes - Judge: Mrs W Weatherstone
11 years and under 1st : Hannah Williams
2nd : Emma Corless
3rd : Sam Corless
12-16 years No Entries