DDTC Open Show 2003

20th April 2003. Judge: Mr Geoff Corish (Sealaw).

"A very good entry of 48 Dandies greeted me for the Dandie Dinmont Club's open show held at Hoyland. BIS was Cassencarrie Calvados; BD, Ch Finloren Friar Tuck & BP, Vistca Van Der Valk."
"This was a most pleasant show and I was delighted to meet up again with Joan Langstaff who was such a great SFT and Dandie breeder, good to see her looking so well. I approached judging this breed with some trepidation but once I started they were a delight to judge.
"Dandies are so friendly, they actually enjoy being examined and there was not a cross word all day. Coats were a problem but it is a difficult time with those in good coat for Crufts are now blown and need to come out. Those who have taken them out are not yet back."


Best Dog

Reserve Best Dog

Best Bitch & BIS

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Puppy

Best Veteran

Harpwood's Finloren Friar Tuck

Derry's Vistca Van Der Valk

Deacon's Cassencarrie Kalvados

Tinsley's Cloverwood Minnow

Derry's Vistca Van Der Valk

Weatherstone's Ch. Borderstone Eminant Envoy

Minor Puppy Dog 1st: Pearson's Dentgate By Appointment
Very much a baby and attending his first show, very happy, moved out well, nicely balanced, quite good coat. Needs time and could do well.

Puppy Dog 1st: Derry's Vistca Van Der Valk
Well grown puppy, hope he has stopped growing. Not in his best coat but that did not detract from his good outline. Fabulous head and expression, good bone and feet. Gave up a little in the challenge. BP & RBD.
2nd: Harpwood's Finloren Nicholas Nickleby
Different in type to 1, not so good in head. Very good front and feet, good topline, moved out well in profile.
3rd: Denham's Dentgate Royal Approval

Junior Dog 1st: Derry's Vistca Van Der Valk
2nd: Deacon's Cassencarrie Blithe Spirit
Pepper of different type to 1, slightly taller on the leg and needed more spring of rib and front not as tight. Beautifully presented in good coat, moved out well in profile. Could be a little tighter in elbow coming towards.

Limit Dog 1st: Perry's Somercloud Tinkerman
Pepper in good coat, scored in neck and shoulder over 2 but similar in type, nice moving dog, good head, expression and balance.
2nd: Coleman's Follycott Frank Lee
Pepper of similar type to 1, not quite as good in neck and shoulder. Happy on the move, close up to 1.
3rd: Gibson's Somercloud Handyman

Open Dog 1st: Harpwood's Finloren Friar Tuck
Very happy mustard, free moving, lovely head, typical happy mustard, free moving, lovely head, typical expression, strong neck, good topline, just coming back into coat, moves well in profile. Not quite as good coming towards. Pulled out all the stops in the challenge. BD.

Veteran Dog 1st: Halliwell's Dengold Mulberry
Dear old boy thoroughly enjoying his day, moved out so well, strong neck, well ribbed, in firm condition, really moving out with reach and drive. Coat needs a little attention.

Puppy Bitch 1st: Gibson & Halliwell's Dengold Nerys
Very showy pepper, on the move really moves out with reach and drive, just coming into coat and looked well, nice head and expression. Pigment a little off on her nose.
2nd: Denham's Dentgate Yours Truly
Mustard and very much a baby, in full coat. Not quite as good in topline as 1. Well ribbed, good front and feet. Not as good layback of shoulder as 1.

Junior Bitch 1st: Deacon's Cassencarrie Kalvados
Lovely pepper, what a mover, sound with correct reach and drive, beautiful head and expression, strong muzzle, good bite, excellent front and feet, in super coat, one I could have taken home, proved to be the star of the show. BIS.
2nd: Heywood's Schalulleke Lizzy Weaver
Mustard, little heavier in type than 1, very attractive head and expression, strong neck, Shoulders a little high placed, not as good in front standing as 1. In very good coat, well presented.
3rd: Hewat's Cloverwood Cameo

Novice Bitch 1st: Shore's Swanwillow Forget-Me-Not
Very feminine pepper, good moving, scores over 2 in neck and shoulder and straighter front, nice head and expression, reasonable coat. Would like better hindquarters standing.
2nd: Heywood's Schalulleke Lizzy Weaver
3rd: Robinson's Poynton Pushmataha

Graduate Bitch 1st: Oakes & Searle's Oakseal Zephyr
Both mustards, both with good texture coats. Scores over 2 moving, good head, excellent pigment. Could be a little cleaner in shoulder.
2nd: Dawson's Warmstall Pennyroyal
Decided she would rather be at home.

Postgraduate Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Border Gold
Really nice moving mustard in lovely condition, lovely head and expression, good pigment, best front in the class both standing and moving, very feminine all through, full of quality.
2nd: MacInnes's Bettymac Elizabeth
Pepper similar in type to 1. Not as outgoing, nor as good in coat. Typical head, close up to 1.
3rd: Motler's Finloren Lady Eloise at Wazzly

Limit Bitch 1st: Tinsley's Cloverwood Minnow
Lovely pepper, what a good mover, lovely flowing lines, good front, feminine head and expression, good coat and body condition, quite lovely. RBB.
2nd: Danks's Shonillian Davocs Daughter via Dawsholm
Slightly heavier pepper, strong neck, good shoulder and outline. Little heavier in body which reflected when moving. Quality bitch.
3rd: Walkley's Dentgate Eclipse over Blaven

Open Bitch 1st: Harpwood's Finloren Lady Jane Grey
Lovely type pepper, lovely outline, head and expression, straight front. Coat not at its best, no denying she is quite lovely.
2nd: Bromley's Finloren Fantasia at Mishahda
Similar comments to 1, in short coat but texture better than 1, considering she had a litter in December the owner has done a great job. Not as feminine in type as 1.

Veteran Bitch 1st: Weatherstone's Ch. Borderstone Eminant Envoy
Nice class of oldies, only small points separated. Scored in coat and freedom of movement. BV.
2nd: Motler's Renald Iolanthe of Wazzly
3rd: MacInnes's Torbrae Blue Moon at Bettymac

Brace 1st: Tinsley's
2nd: Oakes & Searle's
3rd: Dawson's

Team 1st: Denham's