Food For Thought

Back in 2002, Mrs Ann Harpwood (Finloren) wrote an article for the DDTC Magazine discussing the lack of puppies in the Breed and suggesting some ideas for a Breed Recovery Program.

I've reproduced it here in full to in order to provide input into the current debate about Vulnerable Native Breeds.......

During 2001 those of us who enjoy attending Shows had to face the great disappointment of having to stay at home because of the appalling Foot and Mouth Epidemic, which was raging through the country. Having said that, to stay at home was very insignificant when we all considered the trauma and heartbreak that the Farmers in this country were facing. My heart went out to them. Even today many of the are still trying to pick up the pieces.

When we were able to return to our hobby, it was to face the realisation that there were few puppies appearing to follow on in the footsteps of the older Dandies.

The registration figures for 2000 were slightly better then the year before but, if our breed is to remain in existence , something has to be done. We are now in very real danger of becoming numerically endangered

I have always endorsed all registration documents so that the new owners cannot breed until I am satisfied that eye-testing has been carried out (with a clear result) and the Dandie is of a sufficiently good standard to warrant being bred from

I don't breed very often - the puppies I bred in 2000 were the first Dandie puppies to be sold by me in 10 years BUT should I be fortunate enough to have puppies available for sale in the future, it will be a CONDITION of sale that any bitches are to have atleast one litter, I will pledge my support, assistance and guidance, to bitch-puppy purchasers but if they are not prepared to agree to such a condition, they will be refused the sale

HOW ABOUT ALL OF YOU OUT THERE doing the same? This way all those bitch puppies who are sold and disappear to be enjoyed purely as beloved companions (and often spayed) will, at least, make a contribution to the breeds future. After all, it doesn't need a brain surgeon to work out that if we don't make a determined effort to enter into a Breed Recovery Programme, there will be no puppies around to sell to anyone

Do think about it and perhaps some of you who are interested can get together with me and discuss how best we can set about it


Year First Qtr Second Qtr Third Qtr Fourth Qtr Total
Table 1: Registration Figures 1999 - 2001


Can we really blame everything on Foot and Mouth? - Comments please - Ann Harpwood