Breed Council Report, December 2008
Report from Meeting of Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed Council

Following on from previous meetings attended by all 3 breed clubs, it was considered that owners of Dandies would like to be updated on the work to date.


Judging Lists 

Judging Lists are now routinely updated by the Breed Council, anyone desiring to be placed on the lists or upgraded should apply via any of the Breed Clubs as before, this will then be considered at the next meeting of the Breed Council. All Championship Shows who regularly schedule Dandies have been sent a copy of the Judging list and will receive update annually. Any Show secretaries should contact Keith Derry 01977 644347 for current Judging Lists.



The Breed Council have given extensive consideration to rescue, not that this is considered a major problem.  We have for many years only had a rescue centre in the South thanks to Glen Tinsley, then following Magdalene Hutchison moving to the former Lockerbie Hunt Kennels she has taken on Rescue on behalf of the CDDTC, along with the rescue she has always done for local dogs. This was considered too wide a distance and could cause undue stress on the Dandies not to mention the mileage that would have to be covered.  Breed Council have looked to find a position in the Midlands to ease the distance and can now report that Barbara Hunter has agreed to cover this region. We are indebted to all these people for their generosity in dealing with what could be a very stressful situation and will undoubtedly ensure those dandies involved have a kinder experience.


Code of Ethics

Following the announcement by the Kennel Club, the instruction that all Breed Clubs/Councils should adopt the Code of Ethics supplied by them or face being de registered. The tone of the instruction left clubs with no option other than to accept the situation even though each Clubs current Code of Ethics was far superior in every way and included all the relevant points of that which was being forced upon each club.  Instead Clubs must apply to change the Code of Ethics to include the omitted parts. This is an on going situation and will be handled in an appropriate manner.


Breed Support Framework

Following the SDDTC initiative to form a network of people willing and prepared to offer help and advice to owners who are experiencing difficulty with their dandie;  It is acknowledged that this is indeed a worthy and valuable asset. It has been decided therefore to expand the network to all parts of the United Kingdom.  Breed Council is looking for anyone willing to help in this area.If anyone is prepared to be a part of this network would they please contact any of the Breed Club Secretaries: - Gill Mannia  01625 522183; Keith Derry 01977 644347 or Jane Withers 01635 201489 for further details.



The Breed Council are very concerned with all areas of health and perceived problems affecting the Dandie. Following contact with the Animal Heath Trust who is working with Dr Hans Lohe in Finland, Breed Council has agreed to assist in research into finding a DNA marker for Glaucoma in the Dandie. Dr Lohe is the person who famously identified the gene which causes Epilepsy in Dachshunds and as such, more than qualified to take on research to find the marker for Glaucoma in the Dandie. Breed council have issued 100 Bucall swab testing kits to people who should have been returned direct to The Animal Health Trust, however to date only 28 have been returned, this is a very disappointing response.   If we are to make progress we require everyone to be on board with this project, a further supply of kits are currently on order and will be distributed in the strictest confidence (no records are kept of any kits distributed) or they can be obtained direct from Cathryn Mellish at the Animal Health Trust.
Discussion took place upon Cushing’s and Thyroid problems, it was considering circulating all members of every club with a questionnaire asking if they had ever had an incidence of either Cushing’s or Thyroid problems prior to further investigation.



Breed Council were considering:-
Appointing a Media Spokesperson and a Health Spokesperson and hopefully more will come on this later.


Date for Your Diary

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club will be holding a Heath Seminar, on Sunday 3rd May 2009 at Monckton Recreation Centre, Penkridge, Staffordshire. Starting at approx 10.30am and lasting until 4.00pm.

Amongst the items to be presented are :-

Dr Jeff Sampson, Kennel Club Genetics Consultant, will update Dandie Owners on DNA testing to aid Glaucoma Research and other health issues.

First Aid training for dog owners.

There will no doubt be other items added to this list as time approaches. Further details will be circulated to members nearer the time.  

Anyone interested in the welfare of Dandies are invited to attend and details can be obtained from Gill Mannia on 01625 522183. 

This is an important opportunity to make a positive contribution to Dandie Welfare, do not miss the opportunity, show you are really committed to our breed and support the DDTC in this venture.  After all, we travel to the extremes of the country to show our dogs; which is the most important, the breed or a dog show?  Now is the time to act.