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The Kennel Club The primary objective of the Kennel Club is 'to promote in every way, the general improvement of dogs'. The Kennel Club was founded in 1873 and is able to offer dog owners an unparalleled source of information, experience and advice on dog welfare, dog health, dog training and dog breeding.


British Heritage Dog Breeds


British Heritage Dog Breeds Our Mission is to provide a place that like minded individuals, who care about British Heritage Dog Breeds, can visit, exchange views, pick up information, read reports and view event listings.




OrganiPets OrganiPets has joined forces with a group of passionate individuals who all run our own independent pet food companies, and we set up The Campaign for Real Pet Food because we believe that pets and their owners deserve better – better pet foods, and better information about them.


The Dandie Dogblog


The Dandie Dogblog Intimate Nosings of a Dashing Dinmont.  Willow, the Dastardly Dandie Dinmont with his very own author (Lucy Coats) follows in the paw-steps of literary Dandies through the ages.




Maps4Pets On our interactive map, you can search by area for pet-friendly accommodation anywhere in the UK, find links to hotels, guest houses, self-catering accommodation, B&Bs and camping & caravan sites. You can also see a map of forthcoming worldwide dog shows, most useful for dog show organisers and dog show entrants.