Dr Jeff Sampson's talk on Genetic Research

jeff sampsonDr Jeff Sampson of the Animal Health Trust, Genetics consultant to the Kennel Club, gave a talk to the DDTC in May 2009 in which he discussed the research of Dr Hannes Lohi at the University of Helsinki, and the possibility that as a result of this research we will be able to have a DNA test to detect carriers of the genetic mutation which leads to a predisposition to glaucoma in some of our Dandies.  By detecting carriers and affected dogs before they reach breeding age we will be able to ensure that at least one parent is clear of the mutation.  This means we need never breed another dog with the condition, and we will be able to erradicate the mutation from our breed.

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A DVD video of this talk is available to buy for £10 and for each copy sold £5 from the purchase price will be donated to the Dandie Dinmont Trust to help fund further research.  Click here for more information on DVDs.  If you would like to make a donation directly to the Dandie Dinmont Trust, please visit their website at www.ddtrust.com.