Vulnerable Breeds Parade at Crufts 2008

Paul Keevil organised a Vulnerable Breeds Parade at Crufts last year. It was held in the main arena, and shown on the big screens, but never televised. However, BBC events kindly recorded it for us, so I have uploaded it all onto YouTube. It is uploaded in sections - one section for each breed, so I have made up a playlist which (hopefully) should run them all in sequence, or you can select an individual breed...


Note: this is a playlist.  Click on the video to run it, then leave it running to
load the next part, or run your mouse over the video to select another section.


To read more about British Heritage Dog Breeds, please visit their website...

If anyone would like to use any or all of this video for a breed club website, let me know and I'll try to help. And if anyone would like to add or correct any information in the descriptions, please email me.

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Irish Red & White Setter Club of Great Britain

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