Early Clubs

fleece thumb.jpgThe Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club is the second oldest dog breed club in the world. The Club was founded at a meeting at the Fleece Hotel in Selkirk on 17th November 1875.

The oldest club is the Bulldog Club Incorporated, which was formed on the evening of the 13th April 1875 in a private room at the Blue Post Public House, Newman Street, London.

The Bedlington Terrier Club was also founded in 1875, but was disbanded in 1882. The current National Bedlington Terrier Club are relative newcomers, from 7th June 1898

We are all pre-dated by the Kennel Club. It was founded on 4th April 1873 at a meeting at 2 Albert Mansions, Victoria Street, London. There is an interesting page about their history on their own website.